Proposals that would require Santa Barbara landlords to offer yearlong leases and provide relocation assistance after certain types of displacement continued to move forward this week. On Tuesday, the city’s Ordinance Committee advanced the “right to a lease” and relocation fee proposals to the full City Council, which will consider adopting the measures in the coming months. The committee also voted 2-1 to ask the council to reconsider “just cause” eviction, a policy that the California Apartment Association opposes unequivocally.

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A recently introduced bill would authorize tenant groups to orchestrate rent strikes without fear of eviction. SB 529 would allow tenant groups, after a majority vote, to withhold rent payments for up to 30 days in response to grievances or complaints against the landlord.


Thanks to swift opposition led by CAA’s North Bay Division, the Healdsburg City Council this month rejected an ordinance that would have brought a form of rent control to the city. The proposal would have forced a landlord to pay up to $7,000 in penalties to any tenant who moves because of a “no fault” eviction or a rent increase greater than 10 percent. The ordinance came in response to a new property owner whose plans for major renovations to a small apartment building would force current residents to relocate.

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Question: One of my tenants has notified me that she has filed for bankruptcy. She has not paid her rent this month. Can I proceed with an eviction? Answer: Once a tenant files for bankruptcy, he or she will be entitled to an automatic “stay” of any legal proceedings against him or her. This includes an unlawful-detainer action.  You will be required to file a motion for “relief from stay” before serving any notices or bringing an eviction action.


When Proposition 10 went down in defeat, the rental housing industry breathed a collective sigh of relief. Now, nearly four months after voters overwhelmingly rejected the statewide rent control initiative, a collective gasp may be in order. The California Legislature — where Democrats now hold a super majority in both houses — has introduced hundreds of rental housing-related bills for 2019, the largest such batch in decades. Unfortunately, an alarming number of those proposals would have negative ramifications on rental housing providers. In the paragraphs that follow, we review some of the worst offenders:


The Santa Barbara Ordinance Committee this week  requested to review “just cause” and eviction-control policies, veering from two years’ worth of Landlord/Tenant Task Force work and recommendations. On Tuesday, the ordinance committee expressed interest in eviction controls, even though the latest task force recommendations make no mention of this counterproductive housing policy. CAA opposes “just cause” eviction restrictions, which prolong the eviction process and make it more difficult and costly to terminate tenancies. Just cause ordinances also make it more difficult and expensive to provide quality housing at affordable rates. Efforts to bring reasonable rental housing policies to Santa Barbara… Read More

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Barry Altshuler of Equity Residential was officially installed Thursday as the 2019 president of the California Apartment Association’s statewide board of directors. Altshuler’s formal installation came during the Feb. 28 Board of Directors meeting. He began his term on Jan. 1 of this year. As executive vice president for Equity, Altshuler manages the firm’s Investments Group for the West Coast. He has worked in the real estate industry for more than 35 years and has been directly involved in several billion dollars’ worth of transactions and development. “I am proud to serve as board president for CAA, which represents the… Read More


The Menlo Park City Council on Tuesday rejected “rent control in disguise” in favor of a more reasonable tenant relocation measure. The rejected proposal, labeled Alternative B, proposed to limit rent increases and restrict an owner’s ability to evict tenants unless the owner paid the tenant up to four times the monthly rent. It was developed by the city’s Housing Commission and modified and endorsed by Mayor Pro Tem Cecelia Taylor and Councilwoman Betsy Nash. Alternative B was criticized as “rent control in disguise” and failed to receive the three votes needed to pass. Instead, the City Council majority adopted… Read More

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Question: We have a limited number of parking spots in our apartment community, so we decided to limit the parking to residents only. Is this legal? Answer: Yes, you may restrict parking at your apartment complex to residents only. Make sure you have complied with the requirements of Vehicle Code Section 22658 so that unauthorized vehicles can be towed according to the rules of the code section. Also, be sure that your lease or rules have been appropriately modified so that this policy is enforceable as a condition of tenancy.


More than 100 rental housing providers crowded El Cerrito’s City Council chambers this week to oppose a trio of policy proposals that threaten their investments. The California Apartment Association mobilized rental housing owners and operators to attend the Feb. 19 study session, which explored proposed policies including “just cause” eviction restrictions, a rent-triggered tenant relocation fee, and a rent registry. After hearing more than 3 1/2 hours of public comment — most of it coming from concerned rental housing providers — the council postponed further discussion and any action on the proposals to its March 5 meeting.

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