A free workshop that will cover landlord-tenant law and other rental housing topics is coming to Roseville on Aug. 1. The workshop, presented by Legal Services of Northern California, will cover topics including: An overview of landlord-tenant law in California Best practices and emerging issues such as zoning, permits, disability rights and reasonable accommodations Sample housing case scenarios The training session is scheduled to run from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. at the Maidu Community Center. It is designed for property owners currently renting or considering renting in Placer County. The event is being hosted by the city of Roseville, Roseville Housing… Read More

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The Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority will hold a stakeholder meeting next month to discuss proposed changes to its recycling-collection requirements at multifamily properties.

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The nominating period for the 2020 CAA Board of Directors is underway. Applications are due by noon Monday, Aug. 5, 2019. Here are links to the nominating documents: Board Responsibilities, CAA Code of Ethics, CAA Organizational Objectives Call for Nominations Board of Directors Application Form


During the first half of 2019, the California Apartment Association fought a deluge of negative rental housing legislation, from statewide rent control to authorized rent strikes.   Below we summarize some of the worst bills of the year and update their status in the Legislature. Let’s start with some of the worst legislative proposals stopped by CAA.


CAA has created a supplement to the 9th Edition of Managing Rental Housing to address laws that took effect Jan. 1, 2019. Click the headline above or the button below to access it.


Question: I am evicting a tenant and gave her a 30-day day notice. When I handed her the notice, she didn’t read it, she just dropped it on the ground, so I read it to her. I then gave it back to her, but she wouldn’t take it, so I dropped it on the ground. Is this considered a legal notice?


The California Apartment Association has issued an “Industry Insight” paper to help rental housing owners comply with a Section 8-related ordinance that’s taken effect in Hayward. Effective Thursday, July 25, the city’s “source of income protection” law requires that landlords consider for tenancy all applicants with the ability to pay for a given unit, including those who would pay their rent using Section 8. Hayward City Council Last month, the Hayward City Council updated its 39-year-old rent stabilization ordinance and added provisions that ban blanket policies against renting to voucher holders, as well as advertisements to that effect. The new ordinance… Read More

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Long Beach may soon require that new developments in the city include a certain amount of affordable housing.   That mandate could come from an inclusionary-housing ordinance. The city commissioned an economic feasibility study on the policy and recently finished community workshops on how inclusionary housing might be applied in Long Beach.    

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A cap on rent increases in the city of Vallejo will remain in effect for at least a few more weeks – and possibly much longer.   During a special meeting July 3, the City Council declared a local emergency that triggered protections against price gouging under state law. Once activated, the state’s anti-price-gouging law prohibits price increases over 10% for many consumer goods and services, including rental housing, for 30 days following the declaration.  

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This month’s earthquakes in Southern California have prompted new protections against rent-gouging. The protections, which cap rent increases at 10%, are tied to states of emergency declared last week by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

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