Rental Housing Survival Funds

CAA engages in various legal and political actions to promote and protect California’s rental housing industry and foster a climate where rental property owners can succeed.  CAA does this through strategic legal action and political activity to help elect candidates to public office who support balanced policies that allow rental owners to continue to provide quality homes to California families.  Learn more about how you can support these efforts.

CAA proactively defends your rental property investments and the industry in the courts through the Association’s Legal Action Fund. The Fund has contributes resources and engages in numerous court cases by challenging laws and filing amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs urging the court to consider the CAA position, understand the effect of the case on the rental housing industry, and provide additional information for the courts to consider. Contributions to the Legal Fund are not reported to any government agency.

CAAPAC is a nonprofit, bipartisan political action committee. CAAPAC supports and contributes funds directly to local and state candidates for public office who understand CAA’s goals and philosophies and the importance of the private rental housing industry to a vibrant economy in the State of California. Contributions to CAAPAC are reported to California’s Secretary of State. Donations to CAAPAC are not tax deductible.

CAAIEC is a nonprofit, bipartisan political committee that engages in political campaigns that support the rental housing industry and CAA’s public policy goals. Specifically, CAAIEC supports or opposes candidates for public office at the local and state levels by directly communicating to voters via mail, billboards, television, digital ads, etc. The CAAIEC does not contribute funds to any candidate for public office or elected public officials. Contributions to CAAIEC are reported to California’s Secretary of State. Donations to CAAIEC are not tax deductible.

CAA Issues Political Action Committee is a non-profit, bipartisan committee of CAA.  IPAC supports or opposes local and state ballot measures affecting California’s rental property owners’ rights. The CAAIPAC was most recently engaged in the defeat of State Propositions 10 and 21, which would have ushered in extreme rent control throughout the state.  The committee helped lead efforts to ensure in the defeat of rent control ballot measures in Sacramento, Burbank, San Mateo, Pacifica, Santa Rosa, National City, Burlingame, and Santa Cruz. Contributions to CAAIPAC are reported to the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).