Resident Screening

Whether you have a rental home or multiple apartment communities, it’s important to screen all your applicants.

As a CAA member, you qualify for discounted resident screening from our preferred provider, Credit Bureau Associates (CBA).

It’s money well-spent when you consider the hundreds — even thousands of dollars — you could shell out evicting a troublesome resident.

Odds are, the resident you may have to evict later has a history of non-payment or nuisance. Through proper screening, find out his or her background before entering into a rental contract you might regret.

It’s more than just a credit report

Today, screening applicants means more than running a retail credit report. For example, such a report won’t provide you with eviction filings and judgments. Spend a little extra and learn more about the person about to move into your rental property. Get a report package that provides data about eviction history and retail credit information. Additional services may include a search of NSF checks, or criminal history.

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CAA’s relationship with Credit Bureau Associates (CBA) allows members to screen prospective residents 24/7 by phone, fax or online. Take advantage of our reduced rates and receive reliable information about an applicant’s rental and credit history. By using resident screening you will:

  • Know who you are renting to
  • Obtain easy-to-read credit reports
  • Access unlawful detainer filings updated daily
  • Protect yourself from fair housing complaints

To begin using CBA, download and complete the CBA Application in the button below, for questions contact them directly at 800.564.6440.

CBA Application CAA's Resident Screening Services Rates

As a member of a chapter association San Francisco Apartment Association, or RHA Southern Alameda County you have access to their discounted screening services