CAA has partnered with RentSpree to provide you with a state-of-the-art tenant screening service. 

Getting Started

You only need to register once with RentSpree to start your screening processes. Once you have registered, to screen a new tenant, all you need is the applicant’s email address. Simply enter the email address or mobile number and the applicant will automatically receive an email invitation to complete the screening process.

This screening service will make it simple and easy for you to:

  • confirm that you know who you are renting to with our Tenant Verification process that asks the prospective tenant specific questions about their background that only they will know.
  • get easy-to-read credit reports, criminal background checks and eviction history
  • communicate with prospective tenants through the application; you don’t have to share your personal or business email address.
  • start screening your first tenants in as little as 2 minutes, since there is no site inspection required.

CAA Membership Gets You Preferred Pricing

Credit Report & Credit Score, including identity verification: $16.00
Add: Background check: +$4.00
Add: Eviction History: +$6.00

NOTE: A recent change in California regulations limit landlords’ ability to use criminal background reports. CAA is working with RentSpree on changes to its product which will assist with compliance with the new regulations. Until such changes can be implemented, we recommend you consult with your fair housing attorney before ordering or using a criminal background report.

Tenants will be guided through the screening process. The entire process takes each tenant about 2 minutes, and can be completed using any internet-enabled device. Once the screening is complete, the report is pulled instantaneously, and you will receive access to the report.

In addition, RentSpree provides you with a host of useful screening features:

  • A special link to authorize screening reports that you can share with applicants or post on your website
  • A custom flyer that you can use to screen tenants during showings
  • The ability for applicants to upload supplemental documents (pay stubs and more)

Have More Questions?

Give us a call:
California Apartment Association: 800-967-4222
RentSpree:  323-515-7757