Question: What is the first step to take if I want to evict a renter for non-payment of rent? Answer: You should serve a 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit for the rent. If they fail to comply, you can start an unlawful detainer action, but make sure not to accept rent after the action is commenced if you want the eviction to go forward. Question: What are we allowed, by law, to charge a tenant as a security deposit? Answer: You are allowed to charge up to twice the amount of the monthly rent as a security deposit,… Read More


Although a rent control measure could be headed for the Nov. 6 ballot in Santa Rosa, a movement on the City Council is afoot to explore a rent control ordinance at City Hall as well. On Tuesday, the council was scheduled to discuss a potential rent control ordinance, spurring members of the California Apartment Association to attend the meeting to voice their opposition. The mayor ultimately pulled the item from the agenda, and it is unclear whether the council will revisit it. Talk of a possible rent control ordinance from the City Council comes as election officials count and verify… Read More

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Rent control proponents announced this week that they have suspended their signature-gathering campaign in Long Beach. Housing Long Beach, the group that was collecting signatures, initially attempted to qualify its rent control measure for the Nov. 6 ballot, but it missed its June 1 deadline to submit more than the 27,000 signatures required to qualify. The group then set its sights on submitting the signatures by the next deadline, July 30, in hopes of qualifying the measure for the March 2020 election. Although cutoff to submit signatures is still a couple weeks away, Housing Long Beach has pulled the plug… Read More

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Wildfires have returned to California this summer, prompting a new set of emergency declarations from Gov. Jerry Brown and accompanying bans on rent increases exceeding 10 percent. The most recent emergency declarations are for San Diego, Santa Barbara, Siskiyou and Lake counties. Emergency declarations trigger the state’s anti-price gouging protections, which prohibit raising the price of many consumer goods and services, including that of rental housing, by more than 10 percent above pre-emergency levels after an emergency has been declared.  The rent-gouging ban applies to existing tenants and at unit turnover. The governor’s extension of prohibitions on rent-gouging related to… Read More


Have you received an incorrect waste-hauling bill? Have there been missed trash collections at your property or business? Chances are, if you live or work in the city of Los Angeles, you have experienced your own trash nightmare with the city’s waste-hauling franchise system, RecyclLA. To help fix a wide range of problems with RecyclLA, the California Apartment Association has joined a new coalition, FixRecycLA, and is calling on L.A. rental housing providers to share their experiences with the trash-collection program. In 2017, the city of Los Angeles launched the RecycLA program. The program divided the city into different zones… Read More

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Question: Can I give a rent increase anytime during the month or just on the first day of the month? Answer: If you have a month-to-month tenancy with the tenant, you can serve a written 30-day notice (or 60-day notice if you are increasing the rent more than 10 percent within the last 12 months) to increase the rent at any time of the month. Question: I have a tenant who caused a fire in an apartment which resulted in a substantial amount of damage. The fire department concluded the tenant was at fault. Can he be liable for my… Read More


Time has run out for signature gatherers to qualify a rent control initiative for the November 2018 ballot in the city of Sacramento. However, the Housing 4 Sacramento coalition, which includes the Alliance for Californians for Community Engagement and Service Employees International Union, continues to collect signatures with hopes of meeting the Sept. 4 deadline to qualify the charter amendment for the next general election, which comes in 2020. “We suspect they just were unable to collect the required number of signatures by the deadline,” said CAA Senior Vice President Jim Lofgren. “Now let’s hope we can shift our focus… Read More

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An initiative that would bring rent control to National City, a municipality in San Diego County, has qualified for November’s ballot. The San Diego County Registrar of Voters confirmed this week that the National City Rent Control and Community Stabilization Ordinance (accessible here) will be officially slated for November’s ballot.  The push for rent control in National City is being driven by the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment. The California Apartment Association is fully engaged in a campaign to defeat the measure and has retained a campaign consultant with expertise specific to National City. “Along with coalition partners, ranging… Read More

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San Jose has opened a petition period for landlords hoping to offset losses after discontinuing the use of Ratio Utility Billing Systems. The petition period opened today, July 5, and runs until Oct. 31. Any petition received after Oct. 31 will not be considered. If granted an offset, landlords with existing tenants who are paying a RUBS charge can petition for a portion of that charge to be added to the tenant’s monthly base rent. This spring, the City Council voted to ban the use of RUBS in the city’s rent controlled housing, defined as buildings constructed before 1979 with… Read More

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Tenant activists in the city of Santa Rosa have filed signatures in hopes of qualifying what would become the city’s second rent control measure in less than two years. Last week, the North Bay Organizing Project submitted  11,565 signatures on their petition to qualify a rent control and “just cause” eviction measure for the city’s Nov. 6 ballot. That submission kicked off a 30-day review period for the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters to verify at least 8,985 of the signatures are valid to qualify the initiative. The California Apartment Association and North Bay Association of Realtors are committed to… Read More

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