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Costa-Hawkins Act

The Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act was passed in 1995. It placed limits on the ability of local governments to enact rent control. Specifically it exempts single family homes/condominiums and post 1995 construction from rental control. It allows landlords to establish initial rental rates for a new tenant – a policy known as vacancy decontrol.


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A bill that would have weakened the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act has died for the year after failing to receive a single committee hearing in the state Assembly. The California…

With a pandemic, a recession, riots, and wildfires, it’s safe to chalk up 2020 as a horrible year for just about everyone.   Landlords certainly had it tough. Unpaid rents, rising vacancies, and unreasonable eviction restrictions made operations…

Once again, the California Apartment Association has helped keep extreme forms of rent control out of the state. Thanks largely to a campaign led by CAA, voters in Tuesday’s election…