Education is at the heart of our mission. Our classes help property owners and managers develop the skills they need in order to manage their properties effectively and efficiently.

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What is a California Certified Residential Manager (CCRM)?

When you complete CAA’s Property Management Series, you’ll also qualify to take a test to become a California Certified Residential Property Manager.  Our complete Management Series prepares you to effectively manage rental property and be an asset to any employer.  For more information about CCRM Certification, or if you are currently CCRM Certified and need Re-certification, visit our CCRM Home Page.

With property values and owners’ liability on the rise, untrained housing providers present an increasing vulnerability for owners, management companies, residents, and the community.

Since 1941, the California Apartment Association has been serving the needs of the residential rental housing industry. The California Apartment Association is the leading voice of the rental housing industry in California, with over 13,000 members who provide more than 800,000 homes to California families.

Why is education important?

  • Improve skills and knowledge to save time and money
  • Gain competitive edge over other businesses
  • Comply with local, state and federal laws
  • Avoid costly regulatory fines or litigation
  • Motivate and retain employees

Who should attend CAA Education courses?

  • Owners of rental property
  • Community managers and assistant managers
  • Leasing agents
  • Professional property managers and management executives
  • Maintenance supervisors and employees
  • Individuals seeking a career in property management
  • Business professionals offering products and services for the industry

What types of courses does CAA offer?

  • Fair Housing and legal
  • Management and operations
  • Maintenance
  • Leasing and marketing

Why choose CAA Education?

  • Our instructors are top industry professionals with years of experience
  • Our courses address emerging issues affecting the industry
  • Every course is continuously updated to ensure compliance with current laws and the best practices

CAA recognizes that training needs may be unique to your company’s operations, and that’s why CAA has developed the Corporate College program. Learn more.