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Fair Housing

Fair Housing

Property Owners and Managers of California face some of the most complex laws, rules and regulations in the multi-family housing industry. Many of these laws protect both the owner and renter, but understanding the complexity of the laws how they apply to your specific property needs and how to best apply them requires a solid educational base.

Some of these laws are Federal and apply to all owners and property managers across the country, some laws are mandated by the State and apply only in California and other laws (county or city) can apply to your specific location within the State. CAA University offers a variety of classes that cover laws, rules and regulations that are mandated at the Federal, State, and Local levels.

With discrimination complaints, undercover investigations and penalties on the rise, it is imperative to abide by federal, state and local laws regarding Fair Housing. With this course, Fair Housing: It’s…

Research shows that we all harbor unconscious biases which can impact the decisions we make in rental housing, including how we respond to disability accommodation requests. Our unconscious choices can…