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Whether in city halls—or under the dome of the state Capitol—we tirelessly advocate for ethical members of the rental housing industry in all aspects of California government.

We are the primary resource for policymakers, who benefit from our insights when framing key decisions.  Our public affairs team includes policy analysts, lobbyists, communications specialists, and lawyers who doggedly defend our members’ interests.

Current Legislation/Bill tracking

CAA’s Government Affairs staff monitors all legislation introduced at the State Capitol that could impact the rental housing industry.

The Legislative Bill Chart details each bill CAA is following and includes the bill’s author, the current location and status of the bill, and CAA’s position on the legislation.

You can also follow the bills CAA is tracking in more detail through CAA’s Legislative Bill Tracking system.

A portion of your dues will be allocated to CAAPAC, CAA’s Political Action Committee or CAA’s Lobbying Fund. Neither portion is deductible for tax purposes. Also, in accordance with the “Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993,” 19% of the remaining portion of your membership dues are allocable to non-deductible lobbying expenditures for the 2014 calendar year.


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In the News

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A bill aimed at eliminating no-pet policies in rental housing will be amended to exempt smaller buildings, following efforts by the California Apartment Association. AB 2216 by Assemblyman Matt Haney,…