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Coronavirus: Resources for navigating the outbreak

COVID-19 Resources

Rental Assistance Payment Program

Visit CAA’s compliance page at for more information.

COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act

Visit CAA’s compliance page dedicated to CTRA at for more information.

Local COVID-19 Tenant Protections

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, actions have been taken at all levels of government to protect tenants from eviction. Local governments in particular have enacted numerous COVID-19-related tenant protections. Many of these local protections have either expired or been preempted by the CTRA. Below are links to summaries of local eviction moratoria with ongoing restrictions in the most populous areas of which CAA is aware. Click below for CAA Summaries on local COVID-19 Tenant Protections

Summaries on Local COVID-19 Tenant Protections

To ensure compliance with all applicable laws, CAA strongly recommends that rental housing providers consult with an attorney before issuing any notice to pay rent or quit or notice of termination of tenancy while this pandemic persists. 

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State & Federal COVID-19 Tenant Protections

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