The California Apartment Association’s legal battle against Los Angeles County’s extended 30-day eviction notice requirement for certain COVID-19 related rental debts has reached a final resolution.

The county did not appeal the February judgment by the deadline, solidifying the judgment that maintains standard eviction notice periods.

CAA initiated a lawsuit in April 2023 following a resolution by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in January of that year. This resolution mandated landlords provide a 30-day notice to pay or quit before proceeding with evictions for rent arrears deferred under the county’s eviction moratorium.

The court affirmed CAA’s contention that the 30-day notice conflicted with California’s Code of Civil Procedure section 1161(2), which mandates a three-day notice for rent delinquencies.

The ruling highlights the distinction between substantive and procedural aspects of eviction laws, asserting that while local governments can establish substantive defenses to eviction by limiting the ground on which a tenant can be evicted, they cannot alter established procedure under state law.