The California Apartment Association’s Board of Directors has taken positions on four housing-related propositions on the Nov. 6 statewide ballot.


Question: Can a three-day notice be served for the cost of damage to the unit caused by a resident? A 5-year-old flooded an upstairs carpeted room, resulting in carpet repair and drywall repair of the ceiling downstairs. The standard lease form in effect clearly provides for the tenant to pay in this circumstance. Answer: So long as your lease does not provide otherwise, you can serve a three-day notice to perform conditions or covenants in writing demanding the resident pay for the repair.


Sacramento Vice Mayor Steve Hansen presented his Tenant Protection and Relief Act to members attending the CAA Sacramento Valley luncheon on Tuesday, Oct. 16. The proposed ordinance would establish a mediation process allowing tenants the option to dispute annual rent increases exceeding 6 percent. It also would require landlords to offer tenants the option of an 18-month lease. Hansen explained that City Councilmen Eric Guerra and Rick Jennings serve as co-authors of the proposal. Like Hansen, they consider the proposal a reasonable alternative to rent control and just-cause tenancy termination restrictions. All three want to protect tenants from arbitrary evictions,… Read More

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During an event by a CAA chapter this week, property owners said they would make dozens of units available to Section 8 voucher holders, helping put a dent in chronic homelessness in Kern County. The 47 units promised by local landlords are expected to be made available by February of next year. That commitment was made Tuesday, Oct. 16, during the California Landlords Summit on Homelessness in Bakersfield. The event was hosted by the Income Property Association of Kern, a chapter of the California Apartment Association. According to the Kern County Homeless Collaborative, 60 chronically homeless individuals are on its… Read More

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More than 75 representatives of the multifamily-housing industry met this week for a discussion on the recent push to study rent control at Glendale City Hall. The Wednesday, Oct. 17, meeting covered the history of the rent control threat in Glendale, how the City Council has reacted toward the concept, and the inevitable impacts a rent control policy would have if adopted.

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Thanks to amendments from CAA, a newly signed law intended to curb illegal marijuana cultivation now offers law-abiding landlords protections against liability. Under AB 2164, cities can choose to immediately penalize individuals accused of violating local cannabis laws — without first getting a hearing or a chance to remedy the problem. As originally drafted, the bill would have unintentionally left innocent rental property owners vulnerable to immediate penalties without appeal.


Tenant activists have again fallen short in their quest to put rent control before voters in Santa Ana. On Monday, Tenants United Santa Ana submitted several boxes of petitions to the city clerk. It didn’t take long, however, for city officials to determine the petitions were lacking. Tenant advocates needed to file at least 9,854 signatures but submitted only 9,299.

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Question: Do we have to take pictures of the apartment before a resident moves in? Answer: Although there is no legal requirement that you take pictures before a tenant moves in, it is a very smart thing to do, especially when you compare your pictures of what the premises looked like to when the tenant moved out.  It makes it easy for a judge to see the damage.  Just make sure your pictures are dated, including time of day, and are of good quality.


An initiative to bring rent control to the city of Sacramento has qualified for the March 2020, however, a legal challenge could prevent the measure from ever appearing before voters. Last week, Sacramento election officials announced that rent control proponents had submitted the 36,817 valid voter signatures required to qualify the measure for the next general election.

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Proponents of an initiative that would clean up Mountain View’s rent control law have submitted thousands of signatures in hopes of placing the measure before voters in November 2020. On Monday, Oct. 8, a coalition of local homeowners, housing providers and residents filed 7,422 signatures with the Mountain View city clerk. Since Measure V brought rent control to Mountain View in 2016, rental housing owners have responded by taking units off the market, making way for million-dollar condominiums. The proposed initiative would encourage owners to continue providing rental housing and protect Mountain View renters from displacement.

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