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The Long Beach City Council on Tuesday will consider adopting thinly veiled forms of rent and eviction controls. Under the proposals, landlords would have to pay relocation assistance to tenants who receive certain termination notices and when tenants decide to move amid rent increases of 10 percent or more. Penalizing landlords for rent increases beyond a specified threshold is a method for capping rents, while forcing relocation payments after certain termination notices controls evictions.

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California lawmakers are again taking aim at the ability of landlords to terminate tenancies. February brought the introduction of two “just cause” for eviction bills  — AB 1481 by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, and AB 1697 by Assemblyman Tim Grayson, D-Concord. AB 1481 marks Bonta’s second attempt to pass statewide “just cause” legislation in as many years. Both Grayson’s and Bonta’s proposals would limit evictions to certain causes, such as failure to pay rent, a substantial breach of the lease, or use of the property for illegal activity. Criminal activity unrelated to the rental unit, however, wouldn’t count as a “just cause” under… Read More


Lawmakers on Thursday announced a package of rental housing legislation that would cap rent increases statewide and allow local governments to apply rent control to single-family homes and 10-year-old construction. The housing package also will include a “just cause” for eviction measure, as well as a statewide rental registry, the legislators said during a press conference and through a news release. Although lacking detail at present,  AB 1482 by Assemblyman David Chiu, D-San Francisco, will cap annual rent increases based on the rate of inflation plus a yet-to-be-determined figure, the press release says, and would not supersede existing local rent… Read More


The Inglewood City Council this week temporarily capped rent increases at 5 percent and imposed an interim “just cause” eviction measure. The rent moratorium and eviction control ordinances are scheduled to last 45 days but can be renewed for up to a year by the council. The rent cap applies to pre-1995 apartments.

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Proposals that would require Santa Barbara landlords to offer yearlong leases and provide relocation assistance after certain types of displacement continued to move forward this week. On Tuesday, the city’s Ordinance Committee advanced the “right to a lease” and relocation fee proposals to the full City Council, which will consider adopting the measures in the coming months. The committee also voted 2-1 to ask the council to reconsider “just cause” eviction, a policy that the California Apartment Association opposes unequivocally.

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The Santa Barbara Ordinance Committee this week  requested to review “just cause” and eviction-control policies, veering from two years’ worth of Landlord/Tenant Task Force work and recommendations. On Tuesday, the ordinance committee expressed interest in eviction controls, even though the latest task force recommendations make no mention of this counterproductive housing policy. CAA opposes “just cause” eviction restrictions, which prolong the eviction process and make it more difficult and costly to terminate tenancies. Just cause ordinances also make it more difficult and expensive to provide quality housing at affordable rates. Efforts to bring reasonable rental housing policies to Santa Barbara… Read More

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More than 100 rental housing providers crowded El Cerrito’s City Council chambers this week to oppose a trio of policy proposals that threaten their investments. The California Apartment Association mobilized rental housing owners and operators to attend the Feb. 19 study session, which explored proposed policies including “just cause” eviction restrictions, a rent-triggered tenant relocation fee, and a rent registry. After hearing more than 3 1/2 hours of public comment — most of it coming from concerned rental housing providers — the council postponed further discussion and any action on the proposals to its March 5 meeting.

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Interest in “just cause” for eviction proposals continued to grow in the North Bay this month, as the city of Novato became the latest jurisdiction in Marin County to begin researching the policy. On Feb. 12, the Novato City Council began preliminary discussions of just-cause eviction, based on a motion by Councilwoman Pam Drew. The council voted to discuss the matter further and to consider adopting just cause during the third quarter of this year, which falls between July 1 and Sept. 30. At the meeting, Alex Khalfin, CAA’s vice president of public affairs,  expressed CAA’s unequivocal opposition to just-cause… Read More


The California Apartment Association is urging its members to attend the El Cerrito City Council meeting next week, where officials will consider “just cause” eviction policies and other onerous proposals. The City Council on Tuesday, Feb. 19, will hold a study session on policies including: Just Cause Eviction Ordinance: limits a landlord’s ability to regain possession of the property or evict problem tenants. Tenant Relocation Fee: forces payment to the tenant of up to five times the market rent if the rent is raised beyond a certain threshold and the tenant moves as a result of the rent increase. Rent… Read More

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The Menlo Park City Council on Tuesday offered a mixed response to a potential tenant-relocation policy that includes a form of rent control and directed staff to return with two alternative versions of the proposal. The council took these steps during a study session on the potential ordinance that included nearly two hours of public testimony coming mainly from of concerned rental housing owners, many wearing yellow badges that said “Responsible Housing Providers.” Under the Housing Commission’s proposal, relocation fees would be triggered when rent increases over 5 percent plus CPI prompt qualifying renters to move. The resulting penalty would… Read More

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