The Los Angeles City Council has recently passed an ordinance that prohibits landlords from evicting tenants for keeping unauthorized pets acquired during the COVID-19 pandemic, reflecting ongoing adjustments to housing policies in the post-pandemic era.

The California Apartment Association successfully advocated for an important amendment to the ordinance before it won approval on Jan. 23. The amendment requires tenants to inform property owners about any unauthorized pet within 30 days of the ordinance’s enactment.

In a letter to the city, CAA acknowledged the unique situation caused by the pandemic, where residents adopted or fostered animals in apartments where they would normally be prohibited. Furthermore, CAA emphasized the importance of tenants adhering to all relevant Los Angeles city licensing requirements for pets. This not only ensures compliance with city regulations but also aids property owners in managing their communities effectively.

The ordinance’s protections are specifically tailored, applying only to unauthorized pets that were present in rental units before Jan. 31, 2023. This clear delineation ensures that pets acquired after this date do not fall under the new protections, maintaining clarity in the scope of this tenant safeguard.