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A cap on rent increases in the city of Vallejo will remain in effect for at least a few more weeks – and possibly much longer.   During a special meeting July 3, the City Council declared a local emergency that triggered protections against price gouging under state law. Once activated, the state’s anti-price-gouging law prohibits price increases over 10% for many consumer goods and services, including rental housing, for 30 days following the declaration.  

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A bill that would impose rent control and “just cause” eviction policies statewide won passage Tuesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The legislation advanced on a 6-1 vote with one abstention. It now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee, its last stop before the Senate floor. The bill would cap annual rent increases at 7% plus the consumer price index — the same formula adopted earlier this year in Oregon. The bill would apply to nearly all of California’s rental housing stock, including apartments and some single-family homes, and it would apply in jurisdictions where voters and local elected leaders… Read More


A coalition led by CAA — including  local businesses, the real estate sector, homeowners and other community members – has qualified a referendum on El Cerrito’s “just cause” for eviction ordinance. To qualify the referendum, petitioners needed to submit 1,631 valid voter signatures to El Cerrito’s city clerk. On Thursday, the Contra County registrar of voters confirmed the success of that effort, counting 1,993 valid signatures.

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A grassroots campaign led by the California Apartment Association has stopped a “just cause” eviction policy, a rent moratorium, and an unreasonable new trigger for mediation from coming to Concord.  

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The California Apartment Association is calling on its members to speak out against a package of landlord-tenant proposals that would bring rent and eviction controls to the city of Concord.  CAA asks that rental housing providers speak out at the Concord City Council meeting on Wednesday, June 19, and email council members today.  At Wednesday’s meeting, the council will vote on the following:   “Just cause” eviction ordinance: limits your ability to regain possession of your property or evict problem tenants.  Tenant relocation fee: a forced payment to the tenant of up to three times the market rent if you don’t renew a lease.  Binding arbitration: a mandatory requirement for you to justify rent… Read More

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Tenant activists are again attempting to place a rent control measure before voters in Pasadena. Rent control proponents last month announced they would attempt to qualify an initiative for the November 2020 ballot. Although the measure currently lacks details, tenant activists hope to cap rents at the rate of inflation and include a “just cause” eviction policy in the measure, according to LAist. The Pasadena Tenant Justice Coalition is behind the latest effort. The coalition includes five groups: the Pasadena Tenants Union; Socialist Scientists of Pasadena; Affordable Housing Services; American Civil Liberties Union—Southern California; and the Democratic Socialists of America… Read More

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The California Apartment Association has stopped a bill that would have imposed “just cause” eviction controls across California. On Thursday, AB 1481 died for the year, lacking the votes needed to win full Assembly approval by this week’s deadline.   CAA led a strong grassroots campaign to defeat the bill.


Over CAA’s objections, the Long Beach City Council this week approved an ordinance that effectively caps rent increases at 10% on the city’s older apartment buildings and limits the ability of landlords to terminate tenancies. The Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinance, which advanced Tuesday on a 6-3 vote, contains forms of both rent control and so-called “just cause” eviction policies. The council is expected to formalize approval of the ordinance with a second vote June 11.

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The California Apartment Association is exploring its options after the El Cerrito City Council on Tuesday granted preliminary approval to a “just cause” for eviction ordinance on a 3-2 vote. Council members Janet Abelson and Gabe Quinto voted against the ordinance. A proposal to create a rent registry also won approval on a 4-1 vote, with Quinto dissenting. The council must formalize approval of the measures with a second vote, expected on May 21. In the meantime, CAA is evaluating all avenues for a reconsideration.   The path leading to this week’s preliminary approval of just cause began with a… Read More

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Milpitas City Council on Tuesday voted 3-2 against a proposal to immediately implement rent control and “just cause” eviction policies. Following nearly four hours of testimony and council discussion, Mayor Rich Tran and Vice Mayor Karina Dominguez voted for the measures, while Councilwoman Carmen Montano Councilmen Bob Nuñez and Anthony Phan voted against the proposals. The rent control ordinance under consideration this week would have capped rents based on the rate of inflation. Under “just cause” ordinances, landlords can only file evictions based on a specific list of reasons and must be able to prove those reasons in court or… Read More

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