Question: How can we determine if the roaches in the apartment were the result of bad housekeeping? Is it our responsibility to get rid of the roaches? Answer: Ask your pest control professional to give his or her opinion on how the roaches came into the apartment unit. The court will rely heavily on expert testimony in these cases. If you can prove the tenant was responsible for the infestation, they are responsible for the cost of removal.


After a petition to put rent control on the November ballot in Santa Rosa failed to qualify last week, several elected officials are ready to discuss passing their own ordinance at City Hall. The Santa Rosa City Council on Tuesday, Aug. 7, is scheduled to discuss the possible adoption of a city-drafted rent control ordinance. The California Apartment Association is calling on members to attend the meeting and voice their opposition. “Your voice is needed to tell the City Council to focus on real solutions to rebuild Santa Rosa and stop wasting time on policies that are proven to fail,”… Read More

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Starting in 2019, all rental property owners in the city of San Diego will be required to accept Section 8 housing vouchers. The mandate comes under an ordinance approved Tuesday by the San Diego City Council. The policy change requires landlords to consider for tenancy all people with the ability to pay for a given unit, including those who would pay rent using Section 8. While the California Apartment Association encourages voluntary acceptance of federal housing vouchers, it opposes legislation that mandates their acceptance.

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A bill that would add protections for property owners and tenants who make calls to law enforcement for help is expected to win state Senate approval and head to the governor’s desk this month.


Landlords losing the ability to use Ratio Utility Billing Systems on San Jose’s rent-controlled housing will want to read a newly published paper from the California Apartment Association. The Industry Insight paper, just for CAA members, reviews the petition process underway to offset losses from the banning of RUBS in the city’s rent-controlled units. If landlords currently using RUBS are granted an offset, they’ll be permitted to add a portion of their RUBS charge to the tenant’s monthly base rent. The paper covers everything from eligibility for the pass-through to notifying tenants of plans to file the petition to offset… Read More

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A petition to put rent control on the November ballot in Santa Rosa has failed to qualify. On Friday, the Santa Rosa city clerk announced that the petition fell short of the required number of valid signatures needed to place the measure on the Nov. 6 ballot. To qualify the initiative, tenant advocates needed to submit 8,985 valid voter signatures. City officials, however, could confirm the validity of only 7,895, leading the city clerk to deem the petition insufficient. “Clearly this is exciting news and a victory in our ongoing efforts to keep rent control out of Santa Rosa,” said… Read More

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Question: I have a two-bedroom apartment rented to two roommates. One roommate always pays the rent on time. The other roommate is habitually late. Can I do an eviction based on a partial payment even though the month is not over? Answer: Both tenants are responsible for the entire amount of the rent so long as they are on the same rental agreement/lease. You should serve a three-day notice to pay rent or quit for the balance of the rent and name both roommates. If they do not comply, commence an unlawful detainer action naming both.


A combination of wildfires and flooding this week prompted Gov. Jerry Brown to declare states of emergency in several California counties in both northern and southern parts of the state, again activating bans on rent increases exceeding 10 percent in the affected areas. The latest emergency declarations are for San Bernardino, Riverside, Mariposa and Shasta counties. The emergency declaration for San Bernardino county was issued on July 24 due to the effects of a monsoonal rainstorm. The emergency declarations for Riverside, Mariposa and Shasta counties were issued on July 26 due to the Cranston, Carr, and Fergusen fires.


Los Angeles County supervisors have pulled a temporary rent control ordinance from next week’s meeting agenda. Supervisors had been scheduled to consider a moratorium on rent increases over 3 percent in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County, however, Supervisor Sheila Kuehl had the item removed from Tuesday’s lineup. Rather than enacting a rent freeze, the supervisor has decided to bring the proposal back to city staff and is expecting a report in the coming weeks. The California Apartment Association has been mobilizing members to oppose the temporary rent cap.

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The Long Beach City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to have city staff identify a permanent funding source to combat homelessness and promote affordable housing. Under the proposal from Councilman Rex Richardson, the city will begin exploring potential funding sources. The California Apartment Association has supported such efforts previously, including Measure H in Los Angeles County and Measure HHH in the city of Los Angeles. You can read motion from Councilman Richardson here. If you are interested in the efforts of the city as it relates to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact CAA representative Fred Sutton at… Read More

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