Question: We have a tenant who has been incarcerated. Her aunt is coming by to remove her personal belongings from the unit before the tenant’s 30-day notice expires. Does the tenant still owe rent for the remainder of the days left on the notice to vacate even though the unit key has been returned to us? Answer: Yes, unless you are able to relet the premises before then. Question: What should I do if I suspect drugs are being sold out of one of our apartments? Answer: Call the police and report the incident. Ask the police for further direction.… Read More


The California Apartment Association is turning to its members for help defeating a rent control initiative that may be headed to Santa Cruz voters this fall. The Movement for Housing Justice has submitted signatures in hopes of qualifying its rent control measure for the November 2018 ballot. The ballot measure goes further than existing rent control ordinances in Berkeley, San Francisco and Oakland, as it is likely to include rent control on single-family homes in the event that Costa-Hawkins is repealed. The initiative threatens to: Limit rent increases to the annual inflation rate Impose strict “just cause” eviction rules for… Read More


A delegation of CAA Sacramento Valley leaders met with Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg last week to begin a dialogue on solutions to the city’s affordable housing shortage — and to reiterate that rent control isn’t one of them. Earlier in the week, the mayor had announced his opposition to a proposed initiative that would establish rent control, “just cause” tenancy-termination restrictions, an elected rent board, and a new annual fee on rental properties in the city. Hoping to discourage rent control proponents from proceeding with the initiative, dubbed the “Sacramento Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Charter Amendment,” Steinberg intends to… Read More

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In the June primary, candidates friendly to the rental housing industry enjoyed a clean sweep of local races throughout the Sacramento Valley. In each local contest, the candidate backed by the California Apartment Association’s Political Action Committee secured victory. Choosing the right candidate to support is a role that CAAPAC takes seriously, both at the state and local level, said Mallori Spilker, government affairs director for CAA Sacramento Valley. “The endorsement process gives us an opportunity to learn about the candidates and their views on issues affecting our members,” Spilker said. “Their positions on issues like rent control, fees and… Read More

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In Southern California, a majority of the local candidates supported by the California Apartment Association’s Political Action Committee emerged victorious in the June primary. South Bay —  Long Beach and Torrance In Long Beach, CAAPAC-supported City Council incumbents Stacy Mungo and Roberto Uranga won their primary run-off races for the District 5 and District 7 seats, respectively. Long Beach is not only a priority because of its considerable amount of rental housing, but for its regional significance — being the second largest city in Los Angeles County and the seventh largest city in the state. The city is also fighting… Read More

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If you own a business or property in the city of Los Angeles, or even if you just live or work in the city, you’ve probably seen increases in costs for trash collection, declining service from your provider — or both. This comes after the City of L.A. promised that the reform of its RecycLA program would not cause these problems. The city has not made good on its promise. That’s why the rental housing industry needs to help. Fixing the problem is necessary to keep rents stable and businesses solvent. The California Apartment Association is working with a new… Read More

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Question: Is the “removal of roommate” form still valid even if one roommate does not sign? Answer: If the landlord allows the current tenants to substitute another person for one of the residents, many landlords use a “removal or roommate” form. All adult occupants of the premises should sign the removal-of-roommate form to avoid potential issues. Question: Is a new owner subject to the pet policy of a previous owner? Answer: Yes, but if the lease is a month-to-month agreement, it can be changed by properly serving a 30-day notice of change of terms of tenancy on the tenant. Question: … Read More


The California Apartment Association is turning to its members for help thwarting what could become Santa Rosa’s second rent control measure in 17 months. Less than one year after voters rejected rent control in Santa Rosa, the North Bay Organizing Project and a group of local activists are collecting signatures in hopes of placing an even more burdensome rent control “just cause” eviction ordinance on the November 2018 ballot. The group has until late June to collect over 8,500 signatures to get their proposed law on the November ballot. “We are dismayed that the North Bay Organizing Project is rushing… Read More

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Pomona has become the latest Southern California city where tenant activists say they haven’t collected enough signatures to qualify a rent control measure for November’s ballot. Tenant activists in Pomona were unable to collect the 6,256 valid voter signatures needed to qualify their measure for the fall election. Signature drives to place rent control before voters this fall also have come up short in Long Beach and Pasadena, while campaigns remain active in Glendale, Santa Ana, Inglewood and National City. The Pomona Housing Stabilization, Fair Rent, and Homeowner Protection Ordinance threatened to create a rent board and cap annual rent… Read More

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A CAA-supported bill that would increase the state tax credit for renters has advanced to the state Assembly. On May 30, SB 1182 by state Sen. Steve Glazer, D-Orinda, won approval on the Senate floor with 37 yes votes, zero no votes and two abstentions. The bill would increase the renters’ tax credit incrementally over a five-year span. “Under current law, homeowners in California receive state and federal tax benefits, as a result of owning their own home,” CAA says in a letter supporting the bill. “Renters, however, do not receive comparable tax benefits. It’s reasonable to provide renters, who… Read More