In a victory for the California Apartment Association, the San Jose City Council on Tuesday rejected a proposal to expand the city’s “just cause” eviction policies to include duplexes. Another decision by the council, however, is cause for concern. The council Tuesday also directed staff to draft a “source of income discrimination” policy for rental payments. Such an ordinance could ultimately force landlords to consider renting to Section 8 voucher holders, a decision the association believes should be left to property owners.

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Question: I had a tenant move out several months ago. I returned $600 of his $1,000 deposit. He disputes all but $50 of the deductions and has threatened to sue me.  He also has not cashed the refund check.  How long does he have to sue me? Ted Kimball Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP Answer: In California, the statute of limitations determines the time that you must bring suit to legally enforce a claim. For written agreements, it is four years from the time of the breach. For oral agreements, the statute of limitations is two years from the time of the… Read More


In the wake of the wildfires that have ravaged both Northern and Southern California, the rental housing industry has stepped up in multiple ways to help fire victims recover. In the paragraphs below, we’ve assembled a list of resources currently available for fire victims, including displaced tenants seeking a place to live. We’ve also highlighted some of the ways the rental housing industry and industry partners have already helped in the recovery effort.  Rental housing providers Southern California Alliance Residential Co. is assisting those affected by the California wildfires by providing access to short-term leases and discounted furniture rental rates.… Read More


Question: I would be interested in knowing what to do when a resident is demanding a repair be made inside of their apartment, but at the same time is demanding that none of the on-site maintenance staff complete the repair. Do we hire an outside vendor or must the resident allow the staff that is available to complete the repair? Answer: You should find out the reason the resident does not want on-site staff to do the repair.  You have the right to choose who should do the repairs for your apartment units.


The Citrus Heights City Council has approved an ordinance establishing a new rental housing inspection program to preserve the aging supply of housing in the city and ensure that owners properly maintain their properties. The California Apartment Association successfully negotiated several changes to the initial proposal resulting in lower fees and the opportunity for self-certification. Citrus Heights has over 15,000 rental units, with 90 percent built prior to 1990. In a report to the council, city staff expressed concern that the rapid building of housing in the 1970s and 1980s resulted in a lack of quality control and the use… Read More

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A recent report from Concord city staff lauds the city’s current rent-review and multifamily-inspection programs for helping renters stay in their homes and improving their living conditions. The staff report, presented to the City Council on Nov. 27, highlights the mediation program’s success rate. Since the inception of the rent-review program in June 2017, the city has received 25 cases, two of which are pending. Of the 23 closed mediation cases, 83 percent reached a positive resolution to the disputes, with tenants receiving a lower rent increase than originally offered, or with tenants staying in their residence. The city’s analysis… Read More

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Gov. Jerry Brown has extended protections against price-gouging — including rent increases over 10 percent — for several counties devastated by wildfires that occurred between fall 2017 and this past summer. Brown’s order, issued on Nov. 28, keeps California’s anti-price gouging protections in effect through May 31, 2019, for Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Santa Barbara, Shasta, Siskiyou and Sonoma counties. The protections tied to these counties had been scheduled to expire Tuesday, Dec. 4. The order also names Ventura County, although this jurisdiction already was under extended price-gouging protections until November 2019 related to the Woolsey fire.


The California Apartment Association is pleased to announce the results from the 2019 CAA Board of Directors’ election. Voting for the 2019 CAA Board of Directors opened on Nov. 6, 2018, and closed on Nov. 20, 2018, at which time CAA President Joe Lawton and CAA Secretary Adam Goldfarb, CPM, were notified of the results. In accordance with the CAA Bylaws, directors serve a term of three years and regional representatives serve a term of two years; newly elected directors will begin their terms on Jan. 1, 2019. 2019 newly elected members of the CAA Board of Directors representing specific… Read More


Over the objections of CAA, the Glendale City Council this week approved a temporary cap on rent increases. The interim rent control measure, which applies to pre-1995 multifamily housing, takes effect Dec. 27 and expires Feb. 27, 2019, although the City Council may extend it. The measure will roll back rents to whatever rate was charged as of Sept. 18 of this year. Annual rent increases will then be capped at 5 percent while the city’s rent freeze is in place. For tenancies that start after Sept. 18, rents may not increase by more than 5 percent above the initial… Read More

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Long Beach is crafting a proposal that would require all new residential developments to include a certain percentage of affordable housing. The city will seek public comment on the inclusionary housing proposal during meetings scheduled for Dec. 5 and Dec. 8. These meetings result from council direction earlier this year to boost the inventory of units dedicated to low-income individuals and families. CAA encourages members interested in this subject to attend the upcoming meetings and provide feedback. To view a flier on the community meetings, click here.

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