The San Diego City Council later this month is tentatively set to consider new rental housing regulations including stricter eviction limits from the first day of tenancy, enhanced relocation fees, and limitations on landlords’ ability to substantially remodel rental units.

At its April 25 meeting, the city is also expected to discuss an “anti-harassment” law and a potential new layer of bureaucracy requiring landlords to report information about their units to the city.

In advance of the council meeting, the California Apartment Association is hosting a free, live webinar to inform stakeholders about the implications of the proposed changes.

The webinar will cover emerging details of the regulations, CAA’s strategy to address the City Council, and steps landlords can take in response.

The panel of speakers for the webinar includes Melanie Woods, vice president of local government affairs for the San Diego Region at CAA; Victor Cao, senior vice president of local government affairs for Southern California at CAA; and Joshua Howard, executive vice president of local government affairs at CAA.

Interested individuals are encouraged to sign up for updates and CAA’s free, live webinar to stay informed and take action as the San Diego City Council weighs policies that could impact the rental housing industry.