More than 140 rental housing professionals heard from Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey late last month during the California Apartment Association’s inaugural Professional Property Managers Forum. The event, formally known as Lunch Club, attracted representatives from more than 25 property owners and management companies, as well as industry partners. During his address, the mayor shared his vision for Riverside, centered on the theme “Together We’re Better.” Bailey also outlined the city’s accomplishments from the past year, such as the University of California, Riverside, becoming California’s first public medical school in four decades. Additionally, the mayor discussed economic development projects planned for… Read More

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For most folks, if they hate their job, or it just doesn’t pay enough, they can always quit. But what if you’re a landlord? It’s not easy, and if San Francisco politicians and at least one tenant advocacy group have their way, landlords will face more hurdles and costs if they try. In their sights is the Ellis Act, which provides limitations on what a local government can require of property owners who wish to end their rental housing business. What you’re unlikely to hear in the media is that the Ellis Act and local ordinances like one in San… Read More

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SILICON VALLEY — The California Apartment Association has earned public accolades for assisting fire victims in one Silicon Valley city and helping protect schoolchildren in another. After two fires in Redwood City, CAA’s Tri-County Division donated $4,000 to the Create A Smile Foundation, a nonprofit established by the Redwood City Firefighters Association. CAA’s contribution helped provide basic-need items and moving assistance to families affected by a pair of apartment blazes on Woodside Road. Mayor Jeffrey Gee called CAA Tri-County a “partner in our community” that plays a pivotal role, especially when disasters hit. “We need you as you need us,… Read More

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Question: I have returned the balance of the security deposit to a former tenant after deducting cleaning charges and insufficient check bank charges. The former tenant claims that I cannot legally deduct the bank charges from the security deposit because that deduction was not specifically stated in the lease. What are my rights? Answer: California law allows for the use of the security deposit to include other charges than just cleaning, damage and unpaid rent. There is no legal requirement that they must be specified in the rental agreement in order to be enforced by a court. Question: Our tenant… Read More


Question: I understand a security deposit refund must be postmarked within 21 days of vacating the premises. Is that correct? Answer: The security deposit must be mailed within 21 calendar days of the tenant vacating the unit. Question: I have a maintenance worker who was terminated and was given seven days to vacate his apartment. He has not left, and I would like to know if I need to send him through the eviction process or if there is anything else I can do to get him out. Answer: You need to send him through the eviction process. If he… Read More


Question: I have a tenant who I strongly believe is selling and using drugs. What actions can I take without having any evidence? Answer: In order to use the illegal drug activity as a basis for eviction, you have to prove that the drug activity is going on; otherwise, if you are on a month-to-month tenancy, you can serve a 30- or 60-day notice without cause, unless you are in a rent controlled area. Question: Our tenants have just informed us via telephone that their rent check will bounce, they don’t plan to cover it, and they intend to vacate… Read More


In a huge victory for the rental housing industry, lifelong San Bernardino resident Carey Davis on Tuesday won the race for mayor. Davis, who garnered 55 percent of the vote in the Feb. 4 election, will help protect the city from a “landlord tax” and proposed increases to inspection fees, said Timothy Johnson, executive director of the California Apartment Association’s Inland Empire Division, or CAA-AAGIE. CAA-AAGIE’s political action committee provided financial support to Davis and co-hosted a reception Jan. 28 for members to meet the mayoral candidate. Moreover, CAA-AAGIE’s PAC supported incumbent City Councilman Fred Shorett, who won re-election to… Read More

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A chapter of the California Apartment Association and two other groups have sued the city of San Francisco, claiming it passed legislation that violates building owners’ rights under the state’s Ellis Act. The legislation, approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and signed by Mayor Ed Lee, prohibits owners of multi-unit buildings from combining units in a building for 10 years following an Ellis Act eviction or for five years following an owner-move-in eviction. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, Jan. 28, says the state Ellis Act pre-empts the city legislation. The Ellis Act allows building owners to take a building… Read More


In line with a request from CAA to the California Department of Industrial Relations, when minimum wage goes up, so will the lodging credit that a property owner may use to offset an employee’s minimum wage payment or as a credit against wages when the employee lives on site. For an employee required to live on a rental property, an employer can pay wages for the time worked and charge that employee up to two-thirds of the fair market value of the unit he or she lives in. Alternatively, the owner can use the rental unit value as a credit… Read More


Check out the California Apartment Association’s website for landlords seeking ways to conserve water. With mandatory water restrictions on the horizon, is more relevant than ever. Explore CAA’s water-saving tips and share your own ideas. Peruse information on water-efficient plumbing fixtures, recycled water regulations and links to online resources. CAA is committed to the education of rental property owners and residents about water conservation and the responsible use of water in residential rental homes and multifamily housing. CAA stands ready to work with state agencies, local governments, and water providers to develop practical policies and incentives that promote the… Read More