Larkspur rejects ‘just cause,’ rent control and rent registry


Citing the passage of AB 1482, the Larkspur City Council earlier this month rejected proposals to institute local “just cause,” rent control and rent-registry ordinances.

Since early September, the California Apartment Association’s North Bay staff has provided strong opposition to the city’s effort to adopt restrictive policies on rental units in in Larkspur, a small city in Marin County.

Testifying to the City Council, Alex Khafin, CAA’s vice president of public affairs for the North Bay, argued that “just cause eviction and rent-cap policies will have serious unintended consequences and will not provide a single additional unit of affordable housing, which the city desperately needs.”

Khalfin added “these ordinances are unnecessary, as just-cause eviction and rent cap policies are included in AB 1482,” a statewide tenant protect bill that takes effect Jan. 1.

Agreeing with that notion, the Larkspur City Council unanimously voted to drop any further discussion of the three ordinances.           

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