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The California Apartment Association’s Los Angeles County staff this week briefed Burbank’s independent rental operators about Measure RC, the city’s 2020 rent control ballot initiative. During the online meeting, CAA staff sought to inform and engage the audience and rally their support for the “No on RC” campaign. The meeting covered the most restrictive components of the measure, such as limiting annual rent increases to CPI (0.7% earlier this year), $20,000 tenant relocation fees and the removal of vacancy decontrol should Proposition 21 also pass in the Nov. 3 general election.

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The San Diego Union-Tribune has joined major newspapers from across California in opposing Proposition 21, the radical rent control measure going before voters Nov. 3. “Rent control is the wrong way to help Californians struggling with housing,” says the editorial, titled No on Prop. 21: Expanding rent control will make California housing crisis worse. “Lawmakers who are juggling a lot during this pandemic need to not lose sight of that. The long-term solution is listening to experts and building new houses.” At this point, almost every major California newspaper has editorialized against Proposition 21. Like its predecessor Prop 10, Prop… Read More

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Although Culver City approved a rent control ordinance this week, it won’t be quite as stringent as first proposed. The City Council voted 4 to 1 Monday to approve the ordinance on a first reading. The council is expected to formalize its approval of the ordinance with a second reading Sept. 28, making Culver City one of roughly 20 jurisdictions in California with long-term local rent control laws. Click for chart. CAA also is reviewing a citizens’ ballot measure appearing before voters this November, Measure B, that would require voter approval of rent control.

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Fresno Mayor Lee Brand, along with community groups across the Central Valley, have joined the opposition to Proposition 21, the extreme rent control measure going before California voters on Nov. 3 ballot. Fresno Mayor Lee Brand “Prop 21 is the same bad idea the voters rejected in 2018,” Brand said. “It would give unelected rent boards unlimited power to create housing fees that would cripple the industry. Not only would increased fees hurt renters whose pocketbooks have already been hit because of COVID-19, mom and pop landlords who can’t pay their mortgages due to the pandemic would never recover.” Other… Read More

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The California Apartment Association is calling on its members in Culver City to oppose a permanent rent control ordinance up for consideration this coming Monday. If adopted, Culver City’s ordinance would become one of the strictest rent control measures in California. CAA has asked its members in the Los Angeles suburb to send emails to Culver City’s mayor and council detailing the myriad problems with the ordinance. Among other things, the measure would: Peg allowable rent increases to the Consumer Price Index. Establish rent registry requirements annually and upon a new tenancy. Remove owner protections in the for-cause provisions provided… Read More

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If Culver City continues on its current path, it could soon have one of the worst rent control ordinances in California. Despite opposition from the California Apartment Association, the City Council this week advanced onerous regulations for the upcoming ordinance such as:

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An appellate court has ordered the city of Sacramento to place a local rent control measure on the Nov. 3 ballot, overturning a lower court ruling from two weeks ago. The California Court of Appeal for the Third Appellate District on Wednesday ruled in favor of initiative proponent Michelle Pariset and against the city of Sacramento and the Sacramento County Superior Court.

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Several of California’s large metro newspapers, including the San Jose Mercury News. the L.A. Daily News, and the Orange County Register, took a stand last week against Proposition 21, the radical rent control measure on the Nov. 3 statewide ballot. Financed by Michael Weinstein and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the proposition threatens to bring back the extreme forms of rent control that proliferated in the 1970s. On Thursday, Aug. 6, the Southern California News Group, which includes the Orange County Register, Long Beach Press-Telegram, Los Angeles Daily News and several other papers, urged readers to vote no on the measure.… Read More


Tenant activists have again failed to collect enough signatures to place a rent control measure before voters in the city of Santa Ana. On Monday, Tenants United Santa Ana turned in 2,400 signatures at City Hall — far shy of the 10,909 valid voter signatures required to qualify the initiative for the Nov. 3 ballot. Rent control proponents blamed the failure on the coronavirus, saying it prevented petitioners from going door-to-door, the Orange County Register reported. “Time and time again, it’s abundantly clear that voters do not believe rent control will solve the housing shortage,” said Victor Cao, CAA’s vice… Read More

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The California Apartment Association last week joined the city of Sacramento in its lawsuit to keep a draconian rent control initiative off the November 2020 ballot. Like the city, CAA opposes the far-reaching rent control measure, which traces back to 2018, when local tenant activists tried to qualify a rent control initiative for November of that year. Although rent control proponents failed to collect enough signatures for the fall, they kept circulating their petition and ultimately qualified the initiative for the November 2020 election.

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