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Tenant advocates have filed preliminary paperwork to place a rent control measure before voters in the city of Sacramento. The initiative would amend the city charter to impose inflation-based rent control and “just cause” eviction policies in the capital city. Under the measure, the rent charged as of Feb. 20, 2018, would serve as the base rent. Maximum annual increases would then be tied to the consumer price index. The measure would also create an nine-member rent control board, require landlords to pay an annual rental housing fee, and establish relocation assistance for displaced tenants. “We are now analyzing the… Read More

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Over the objections of CAA and its members, the Santa Cruz City Council on Tuesday imposed interim emergency rent control and just-cause eviction ordinances, effective immediately. Although most attendees objected during public testimony, the council voted to instate a temporary 2 percent cap on rent increases for all apartment buildings built before 1995, with exemptions for condos, townhouses and single-family homes. The council also approved a temporary just-cause ordinance that applies to all housing, including single-family homes and accessory-dwelling units. The only exemption to the just-cause ordinance is for those who own only one rental unit. Landlords with maintenance costs… Read More

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At the urging of the California Apartment Association, the Santa Ana City Council on Tuesday rejected rent control, opting instead to focus on more sensible alternatives. The decision to steer clear of rent control came during a study session on the controversial housing policy. During the study session, city staff presented an overview of the city’s housing situation, and guest speakers discussed the pros and cons of rent control. CAA then provided the council with comments.  Tommy Thompson, CAA’s senior vice president for Southern California, called rent control “a proven disaster up and down the state,” as repoted in this… Read More

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The California Apartment Association is closely monitoring a newly formed coalition that’s working to bring rent control to the city of Sacramento. The coalition, Housing4Sacramento, includes groups that champion tenant rights, organized labor, socialism and subsidized housing. Coalition members have appeared with tenant supporters before the Sacramento City Council, demanding passage of rent control and just cause eviction ordinances. They also hold regular organizing meetings, canvass for support at apartment communities, organize protests and marches, and spread their campaign message via social media, such as Facebook. So far, CAA has prevented passage of a local rent control ordinance by the… Read More

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An effort to place rent control and eviction controls before Long Beach voters will soon enter the signature-gathering phase. On Tuesday, the Long Beach city attorney gave petitioners the green light to begin collecting signatures for a measure titled the Long Beach Rent Control Ordinance. Once rent control backers publish a notice of intent to gather signatures, they’ll have official clearance to hit the streets. To qualify the measure, need to gather more than 26,000 valid voter signatures in 180 days. Tenant advocates in Long Beach have been working for several months to reach this point. Late last year, the… Read More

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Tenant activists are again trying to place a rent control measure before voters in Glendale. The Glendale Tenants Union on Tuesday submitted paperwork to place a rent control ordinance on the city’s November 2018 ballot. Before signature gathering begins, the city must issue a title and summary for the initiative. The city has 15 days to do so. This effort comes three months after Glendale officials rejected a previous bid to put rent control on the ballot. This past October, petitioners submitted 11,186 signatures to the city, needing 10,585 to qualify. The clerk’s office, however, declared the petition “deficient and… Read More

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Rent control activists in the city of Santa Cruz have filed paperwork to place a rent control measure before voters in the November election. Rent control proponents filed their initiative with the Santa Cruz city clerk on Friday, Jan. 19, beginning the process of qualifying the measure.  Within 15 days, the city attorney is expected to review the measure and issue an impartial summary and analysis. The tenants coalition can only begin collecting signatures  after fulfilling certain procedural requirements. To qualify the measure for the November ballot, proponents will need to collect about 5,800 valid signatures by late May. The… Read More

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Tenant advocates in Long Beach have refiled documents to place a rent control measure before voters. On Jan. 12, representatives from Housing Long Beach filed paperwork to qualify a rent control initiative for the November 2018 ballot. The ballot measure will call for rent control, just-cause eviction policies and the formation of a rent board. In November of 2017, an attempt by the same individuals to qualify a rent control initiative failed to meet city criteria. The city attorney will have 15 days to review the documents and issue title and summary, should he deem the paperwork complete and valid.… Read More

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Members of the California Apartment Association on Tuesday urged the Santa Cruz City Council to steer clear of rent control in its efforts to address the city’s housing crisis. Rent control was among numerous policy options presented to the council in a staff report called “Santa Cruz Voices on Housing: Fall 2017 Community Engagement Report.” While the inclusion of rent control in the report raised concerns at CAA, other ideas in the report appear favorable, such as encouraging the development of granny units and placing a housing bond on an upcoming ballot. After hours of testimony, the council decided to… Read More

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Tenant advocates in Pasadena have filed preliminary paperwork to place rent control on an upcoming city ballot. In addition to rent control, the proposed initiative would seek just-cause eviction policies in Pasadena and the establishment of a rent board. Supporters of the measure filed their paperwork with the city Wednesday. It includes a notice to circulate the petition, as well as a 36-page document titled “The Pasadena Fair and Equitable Housing Charter Amendment,” Pasadena Now reported. The proposed charter amendment would base rent control on the rate of inflation, or the consumer price index, a particularly draconian form of rent… Read More

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