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More than 100 rental housing providers crowded El Cerrito’s City Council chambers this week to oppose a trio of policy proposals that threaten their investments. The California Apartment Association mobilized rental housing owners and operators to attend the Feb. 19 study session, which explored proposed policies including “just cause” eviction restrictions, a rent-triggered tenant relocation fee, and a rent registry. After hearing more than 3 1/2 hours of public comment — most of it coming from concerned rental housing providers — the council postponed further discussion and any action on the proposals to its March 5 meeting.

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The Menlo Park City Council on Tuesday offered a mixed response to a potential tenant-relocation policy that includes a form of rent control and directed staff to return with two alternative versions of the proposal. The council took these steps during a study session on the potential ordinance that included nearly two hours of public testimony coming mainly from of concerned rental housing owners, many wearing yellow badges that said “Responsible Housing Providers.” Under the Housing Commission’s proposal, relocation fees would be triggered when rent increases over 5 percent plus CPI prompt qualifying renters to move. The resulting penalty would… Read More

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During his inaugural state of the state address, Gov. Gavin Newsom this week called on lawmakers to craft legislation that stabilizes rental prices without ruining the businesses of small landlords. “The pressures on vulnerable renters didn’t go away after the election,” Newsom said Tuesday. “We need new rules to stabilize neighborhoods and prevent evictions, without putting small landlords out of business. I want the best ideas from everyone in this chamber. Here is my promise to you, get me a good package on rent stability this year and I will sign it.” Beyond sparing the businesses of small rental housing… Read More


Although CAA has secured several positive changes to a rental housing ordinance under consideration in Glendale, a worrisome relocation-fee component remains in the proposal. The City Council introduced the ordinance Tuesday night and is expected to take a final vote on the ordinance at its Feb. 12 meeting. Although characterized as a “right to a lease” ordinance, the measure included a number of other elements that concerned the California Apartment Association. The council has agreed to remove: A rent registry. A mandatory mediation program. An increase to current no-cause eviction relocation fees. Still in the ordinance, however, are relocation fees… Read More

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In 2019, the California Apartment Association will continue to address a wide range of local rental housing issues in the Sacramento Valley. Here are four of the most consequential issues to watch: Rent control ballot measure In the city of Sacramento, an initiative that would implement rent control and strict tenancy-termination restrictions qualified to appear on the ballot sometime in 2020. The next step is for the City Council to decide which ballot will include the measure, with options likely coming down to the March primary or November’s general election. Before acting, the council will review a pending legal opinion… Read More

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Owners of rental housing in unincorporated Los Angeles County can now access a digital toolkit for help navigating a temporary rent control ordinance approved late last year. This online resource comes from Los Angeles County’s Department of Consumer and Business Affairs, which is responsible for enforcing the interim ordinance. Visit to access the toolkit, which contains information for property owners and renters, as well as details about the ordinance and news updates.

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Although Santa Cruz voters rejected a rent control initiative by a wide margin this past fall, the city’s newly elected council has chosen to pass components of the measure anyway. In the Nov. 6 election, CAA helped secure the resounding defeat of Measure M, an initiative that would have brought both rent control and “just cause” eviction policies to the city of Santa Cruz.

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Tenant advocates demanded rent control at this week’s Inglewood City Council meeting, but the city’s mayor said the policy isn’t the best path forward, pointing to Santa Monica as evidence. Outside groups and a small number of renter activists staged a mobilization during Tuesday’s council meeting, calling for both rent caps and “just cause” eviction measures.

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The California Apartment Association is opposing a recommendation from a regional policy committee that the state Legislature impose rent control and “just cause” eviction restrictions across the entire nine-county Bay Area. The entire plan, if adopted by the Legislature, could cost as much as $2 billion per year. CAA this week restated its objections to the recommendation, which is part of a plan promoted by the Committee to House the Bay Area, or CASA, which is sponsored by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. CASA spent 18 months developing recommendations for state legislation to address the housing crisis experienced by the Bay… Read More

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A recent report from Concord city staff lauds the city’s current rent-review and multifamily-inspection programs for helping renters stay in their homes and improving their living conditions. The staff report, presented to the City Council on Nov. 27, highlights the mediation program’s success rate. Since the inception of the rent-review program in June 2017, the city has received 25 cases, two of which are pending. Of the 23 closed mediation cases, 83 percent reached a positive resolution to the disputes, with tenants receiving a lower rent increase than originally offered, or with tenants staying in their residence. The city’s analysis… Read More

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