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Lawmakers will decide next week whether a statewide rent control and “just cause” eviction bill will move forward this year. The Senate Appropriations Committee on Friday, Aug. 30, will elect to either move Assembly Bill 1482 to the Senate Floor or leave it on suspense file for the remainder of 2019.


The California Apartment Association today published new forms to help landlords comply with updates to Hayward’s rent control law. As of July 25, 2019, Hayward’s 39-year-old Residential Rent Stabilization and Tenant Protection Ordinance has been amended to do the following: Expand the properties subject to the ordinance. Prohibit harassment and retaliation. Prohibit discrimination based on source of income, including Section 8 vouchers. Limit the reasons for which a tenancy may be terminated, and Establish an annual rent limitation of 5% for “covered units” and a mandatory mediation and binding arbitration program for increases above that threshold.  Hayward City Council The… Read More


The Sacramento City Council on Tuesday approved a rent control and “just cause” eviction ordinance that will affect about 44,000 multifamily rental units in the city. The ordinance, accessible here, only applies to multifamily units built before February 1995, as well as downtown single-room residential hotels and mobile home rentals. Single-family and condo units are exempt, as are units owned, operated or subsidized by a government entity.

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Despite massive turnout in opposition, the Culver City Council voted this week to impose a 12-month cap on rent increases. The ordinance, approved on a 4-1 vote on Monday, took effect immediately. It limits rent adjustments to 3% and brings both eviction controls and a rent registry to the city.

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The U.S. Supreme Court ‘s June ruling in Knick vs. Township of Scott may open the door for landlords to file federal lawsuits alleging that rent control ordinances violate the Fifth Amendment, however, the prospects for victory with such challenges remain distant. The Fifth Amendment’s takings clause prohibits the government from taking private property unless it is for a public purpose and just compensation is provided.   Up until now, landlords have had to file these kinds of suits in state court, where they’ve had limited success. Some believe federal benches would be more sympathetic to landlord arguments over property rights. 


The California Apartment Association is rallying rental housing owners and managers in Culver City to oppose a temporary rent cap going before the City Council on Aug. 12. The yearlong rent freeze proposal is expected to cap rent increases at 3%, although that figure could change. The interim ordinance also would impose “just cause” eviction restrictions.

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The Mountain View City Council is eyeing a potential ballot measure that would make changes to the city’s rent control law.   It’s unclear, however, what changes would be included in the potential measure – and whether they could make the city’s rent control ordinance even worse.   City staff has suggested the council might explore asking voters to bolster its rent control law with a rent registry, vacancy control for landlord-caused tenancy terminations, new noticing requirements, and possible limits on how housing providers share utility costs with renters. 

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The Vallejo City Council passed an urgency ordinance on July 16 making it unlawful to increase rent for an existing or prospective tenant by more than 10% during a declared emergency. The rent cap already was in place following a proclamation of emergency declared by the city manager on June 27 and later ratified by the City Council on July 3. The new ordinance simply places the rent cap into the municipal codes so that it automatically becomes effective during any proclaimed emergency.

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A cap on rent increases in the city of Vallejo will remain in effect for at least a few more weeks – and possibly much longer.   During a special meeting July 3, the City Council declared a local emergency that triggered protections against price gouging under state law. Once activated, the state’s anti-price-gouging law prohibits price increases over 10% for many consumer goods and services, including rental housing, for 30 days following the declaration.  

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A bill that would impose rent control and “just cause” eviction policies statewide won passage Tuesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The legislation advanced on a 6-1 vote with one abstention. It now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee, its last stop before the Senate floor. The bill would cap annual rent increases at 7% plus the consumer price index — the same formula adopted earlier this year in Oregon. The bill would apply to nearly all of California’s rental housing stock, including apartments and some single-family homes, and it would apply in jurisdictions where voters and local elected leaders… Read More