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Beginning June 1, 2016, rental agreements for properties with wood-burning heaters or fireplaces  throughout the San Francisco Bay Area must include a document describing the health hazards from burning wood or any solid fuel as a source of heat. The disclosure document is required within the boundaries of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, which includes all of the following counties: Napa, Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco and Marin, and part  of Solano and Sonoma counties.  Exact boundaries can be found here. The disclosure requirement is part of the air quality district’s wood smoke rule,… Read More

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In mid-June, the city of Santa Rosa is expected to impose a moratorium on rent increases of more than 3 percent on the city’s older multifamily housing. The measure, which won preliminary approval from the council Tuesday, May 10, is intended to limit rent increases while city staff drafts a permanent rent control and just-cause eviction ordinance, a process that could take several months. Greenlighted on a 4-2 vote, the temporary ordinance applies the 3 percent rent cap cumulatively over a 12-month period. So, while the moratorium is in effect, a landlord who’s already increased rent by 3 percent or… Read More

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Despite over six hours of public comment from stakeholders and strong opposition from local rental owners, the Santa Rosa City Council on May 3 voted 4-3 to direct city staff to draft a rent control and just-cause eviction ordinance. “CAA North Coast would like to thank our members that attended the meeting and spoke out against rent control and just-cause evictions,” said Mallori Spilker,  local CAA executive director. “Your advocacy efforts are greatly appreciated.” A rent control ordinance would prohibit rent increases from exceeding a fixed percentage annually, which was determined to be 3 percent. Rent control would only apply… Read More

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The Santa Rosa City Council next week will discuss rent control, just cause for eviction — and a possible moratorium on rent increases. The discussion, scheduled for Tuesday, May 3, at City Hall, comes one month after the Santa Rosa Rent Stabilization Subcommittee voted 2-1 to recommend the measures. Owners and managers of rental units in Santa Rosa are urged to attend Tuesday’s meeting, which is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. at City Hall. If the council follows the subcommittee’s recommendations, the most immediate impact would be an urgency ordinance halting any rent increases for 45 days. The subcommittee votes for… Read More

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More than 1,500 rental housing professionals descended upon the Santa Clara Convention Center this spring for CAA Connect, California’s premier multifamily conference and expo. The California Apartment Association’s April 5 event featured more than 175 booths with exhibitors covering a wide range of services, from roofing to landscaping to employment staffing. The expo floor was teeming with activity as soon as the doors opened at 9 a.m. Meanwhile, seminars got underway in nearby ballrooms. By 4 p.m., CAA had offered 15 classes that covered topics from bedbugs to fair housing issues to social media. Throughout the day, a number of… Read More

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The Santa Rosa Rent Stabilization Subcommittee has voted 2-1 to recommend “soft” rent control and a just-cause-for eviction policy for the city. The committee, at its March 31 meeting, also recommended that an urgency rent moratorium be enacted to halt any rent increases for 45 days. The full City Council is set to discuss these recommendations at its May 3 meeting. The votes for soft rent control came from City Council members Julie Combs and Chris Coursey. Don’t let the terminology fool you. “Soft” or “limited” rent stabilization is no different than real rent control. The only minor variation from… Read More

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The California Apartment Association on May 19 will debut the North Coast PAC Derby Day, a fun evening of hosted mint juleps, local wine and beer, and appetizers. This fantastic event will raise money for the CAA North Coast Political Action Committee (PAC) to create a positive business climate for the local rental housing industry. CAAPAC, our non-partisan Political Action Committee, is dedicated to the protection, preservation and advancement of the rental housing industry, and supports candidates for public office who are receptive to the concerns of rental property owners and managers locally and statewide. Join us as we race… Read More

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Rebuffed at city halls in several Northern California cities, tenant advocates are increasingly turning to the November ballot in their push for strict rent control measures. One week ago, tenant advocates in San Mateo began efforts to qualify a rent control-related ballot measure for the November 2016 election. This filing came just one day after the San Mateo City Council voted 3-2 against rent control and a just-cause eviction policy. Moreover, the San Mateo filing came just days after tenant advocates in Burlingame and Mountain View filed similar measures, and renter advocate groups in Richmond and Alameda also are seeking… Read More

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Marin County supervisors abandoned plans for a just-cause eviction ordinance this month, opting instead for CAA-supported alternatives, including voluntary rent guidelines and a landlord-incentives program. The decision came Feb. 9 as the county board explored various policy options to preserve affordable housing and prevent resident displacement. Heading into the meeting, the California Apartment Association North Coast objected to two ordinances under consideration. One of them, a just-cause eviction measure, would require rental owners to prove “cause” in court or, in some cases, before a political body whenever needing to remove a problem resident. The other would enforce source-of-income protection. In… Read More

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CAAPAC, our non-partisan Political Action Committee, is dedicated to the protection, preservation and advancement of the rental housing industry, and supports candidates for public office who are receptive to the concerns of rental property owners and managers locally and statewide. Donate today to protect your business for tomorrow. Political contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal and state income tax purposes. CAAPAC is a California recipient committee, FPPC ID # 745208

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