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Rent control activists submit signatures to qualify initiative With a Costa-Hawkins repeal measure expected to qualify for November’s ballot, the California Apartment Association has launched a full-fledged campaign to defeat the initiative and prevent extreme rent control from returning to California. The CAA-led  Californians for Responsible Housing has unveiled the “Stop the Housing Freeze” campaign and companion website The name of the CAA-led anti-repeal campaign and website reflect the certain impact of overturning Costa-Hawkins. Without Costa-Hawkins, cities will apply rent control to single-family homes and new multifamily housing and allow for permanent rent caps, even after changes in tenancy.… Read More


Tenant advocates have filed preliminary paperwork to place a rent control measure before voters in the city of Sacramento. The initiative would amend the city charter to impose inflation-based rent control and “just cause” eviction policies in the capital city. Under the measure, the rent charged as of Feb. 20, 2018, would serve as the base rent. Maximum annual increases would then be tied to the consumer price index. The measure would also create a nine-member rent control board, require landlords to pay an annual rental housing fee, and establish relocation assistance for displaced tenants.

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Tenant activists are again trying to place a rent control measure before voters in Glendale. The Glendale Tenants Union on Tuesday submitted paperwork to place a rent control ordinance on the city’s November 2018 ballot. Before signature gathering begins, the city must issue a title and summary for the initiative. The city has 15 days to do so.

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The California Apartment Association and its allies today derailed AB 1506, a bill to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act and bring radical rent control back to California. This morning, following lead testimony from the California Apartment Association, FPI Management and the California Association of REALTORS, AB 1506 failed passage in the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee, all but closing the door on the bill for the balance of the legislative session. Over 400 rental property owners came to the microphone and indicated their opposition to the measure, outnumbering the tenant advocates, who totaled nearly 300. Following hours of… Read More