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The Sacramento City Council on Tuesday voted to push forward with a mediation program intended to help settle disputes over rent increases exceeding 6%. The program, part of the city’s larger strategy to address rising housing costs, now moves to a second hearing set for April 23. The mediation program is included in the Tenant Protection and Relief Act introduced last year by Councilman Steve Hansen, Vice Mayor Eric Guerra and Councilman Rick Jennings.

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A pair of bills that would greatly expand rent control in California will get their first test in the state Legislature next week. On Thursday, April 25, the Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development will hold special hearings on AB 1482, which would apply rent control to every unit in California, and AB 36, which would weaken California’s Costa-Hawkins Act, allowing cities and counties to expand local rent control laws to single-family homes and newer construction.


A bill that would create a statewide registry of rental units and require a myriad of information from California landlords each year advanced Wednesday from its first committee hearing.   AB 724 by Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, D-Oakland, would publicize a wide range of information about rental units, raising privacy concerns for both property owners and residents. The bill passed out of the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee on a 6-1 vote with one abstention and now heads to the Judiciary Committee.


Los Angeles County supervisors on Tuesday will consider extending a temporary rent cap they approved last year, a move that lays the groundwork to pursue a permanent rent control measure.   Supervisors also will consider expanding the “just cause” eviction provision to cover all properties, not just rentals built after 1995. 

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In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, the Long Beach City Council voted 6-3 to draft a tenant relocation ordinance that will bring a form of rent and eviction controls to the city. CAA remains opposed to the forthcoming ordinance, which is expected to require landlords with buildings of four units or more to pay relocation assistance when tenants receive certain types of termination notices. Buildings with four units would be exempt only when the owner lives in the building. 

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A state senator’s bid to boost multifamily construction near transit and job centers has already gotten farther than a similar proposal by the lawmaker last year. On Tuesday, the Senate Housing Committee approved SB 50 by Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, on a 9-1 vote. It is a retooled version of last year’s SB 827, which failed passage. SB 50 would allow for expedited housing construction near existing job centers and public transportation. Sen. Scott Wiener If they request it, developers who agree to build qualifying “job rich” or “transit rich” housing projects would be eligible for certain incentives, such… Read More


During his state of the state address, Gov. Gavin Newsom pointed to 47 cities that have failed to meet their requirements for planning new housing. Given those numbers, it’s no wonder local governments are taking much of the blame for California’s ongoing housing shortage. At the same time, cities that do their fair share to address housing scarcity too often go unnoticed. CAA’s North Bay members got to hear about one such city last month — Rohnert Park. While speaking at a CAA North Bay membership meeting, Mayor Gina Belforte offered a detailed briefing on various housing projects throughout the… Read More

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The Long Beach City Council on Tuesday will consider adopting thinly veiled forms of rent and eviction controls. Under the proposals, landlords would have to pay relocation assistance to tenants who receive certain termination notices and when tenants decide to move amid rent increases of 10 percent or more. Penalizing landlords for rent increases beyond a specified threshold is a method for capping rents, while forcing relocation payments after certain termination notices controls evictions.

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California lawmakers are again taking aim at the ability of landlords to terminate tenancies. February brought the introduction of two “just cause” for eviction bills  — AB 1481 by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, and AB 1697 by Assemblyman Tim Grayson, D-Concord. AB 1481 marks Bonta’s second attempt to pass statewide “just cause” legislation in as many years. Both Grayson’s and Bonta’s proposals would limit evictions to certain causes, such as failure to pay rent, a substantial breach of the lease, or use of the property for illegal activity. Criminal activity unrelated to the rental unit, however, wouldn’t count as a “just cause” under… Read More


For the first time in a decade, the city of Los Angeles plans to bump up its annual cap on rent increases for rent controlled housing. During a 12-month period beginning in July, landlords with rent controlled units will be able to raise rents by up to 4 percent. The city has allowed rent increases on rent controlled housing just three times since 1993, the last time being in 2009, Curbed Los Angeles reported. For more information, see this flier from the L.A. Housing and Community Investment Department.

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