The California Apartment Association is turning to its members for help thwarting what could become Santa Rosa’s second rent control measure in 17 months. Less than one year after voters rejected rent control in Santa Rosa, the North Bay Organizing Project and a group of local activists are collecting signatures in hopes of placing an even more burdensome rent control “just cause” eviction ordinance on the November 2018 ballot. The group has until late June to collect over 8,500 signatures to get their proposed law on the November ballot. “We are dismayed that the North Bay Organizing Project is rushing… Read More

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Pomona has become the latest Southern California city where tenant activists say they haven’t collected enough signatures to qualify a rent control measure for November’s ballot. Tenant activists in Pomona were unable to collect the 6,256 valid voter signatures needed to qualify their measure for the fall election. Signature drives to place rent control before voters this fall also have come up short in Long Beach and Pasadena, while campaigns remain active in Glendale, Santa Ana, Inglewood and National City. The Pomona Housing Stabilization, Fair Rent, and Homeowner Protection Ordinance threatened to create a rent board and cap annual rent… Read More

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A CAA-supported bill that would increase the state tax credit for renters has advanced to the state Assembly. On May 30, SB 1182 by state Sen. Steve Glazer, D-Orinda, won approval on the Senate floor with 37 yes votes, zero no votes and two abstentions. The bill would increase the renters’ tax credit incrementally over a five-year span. “Under current law, homeowners in California receive state and federal tax benefits, as a result of owning their own home,” CAA says in a letter supporting the bill. “Renters, however, do not receive comparable tax benefits. It’s reasonable to provide renters, who… Read More


Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has announced his opposition to a local ballot measure proposed by tenant advocates that would establish rent control, “just cause” eviction restrictions, an elected rent board, and a new annual fee on rental properties in the city of Sacramento. At the same time, the mayor said he will draft his own ordinance for City Council approval that the California Apartment Association fears will include the same elements as the ballot initiative with only minor modifications. The ordinance could be presented to the City Council as soon as Tuesday, June 19. “CAA applauds the mayor for publicly… Read More

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A proposed rent control measure for Long Beach won’t appear before voters in the fall, but the measure could still qualify for a later election. Housing Long Beach missed its June 1 deadline to submit more than the 27,000 signatures required to qualify the initiative for the city’s November 2018 ballot. Rent control advocates, however, vowed to keep circulating their petition, and if they file the required number of signatures by July 30, the measure could still appear on a later ballot, likely in March 2020. The Housing Long Beach measure would limit annual rent increases to the rate of… Read More

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Rental property owners and industry partners gathered last month for an annual CAA celebration that helps secure housing for Orange County families. On May 24, more than 400 attendees gathered for the fifth annual CAA Orange County Charity Gala. The casino-themed event, held at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, provided an evening of good food and fun — all for a good cause. The evening benefited Families Forward, which helps families achieve self-sufficiency through housing, food, counseling, career coaching, education, and other support services. CAA Advisory Board Member, Laura Khouri, said, “The CAA Orange County Advisory Board of… Read More

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Question: One of our tenants owes us for past due rent and part of his security deposit. He has given us a check for the amount of the rent, but I want to first apply it to the deposit and then serve a three-day notice to pay rent or quit for the unpaid balance. Is that legal? Answer: Yes, but only if the tenant did not designate where the money was to be applied on his check, or other written correspondence. You could avoid the issue by applying the payment to rent and then serving a three-day notice to pay… Read More


The California Apartment Association on Thursday defeated a bill that would have imposed “just cause” eviction requirements across the state, making it more difficult and costly to evict bad tenants. A second eviction-related bill that, as originally written, would have expanded the notice requirements for removing tenants under the Ellis Act, also died on the Assembly Floor. A third eviction-related bill — originally drafted to prolong the eviction process — was amended to simply provide minor amendments to the service of the eviction summons, rendering it of minor concern to members of CAA. The most threatening of the bills, AB… Read More


A bill intended to boost the construction of accessory-dwelling units has passed the state Senate and now heads to the Assembly. SB 831 by Sen. Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, won full Senate approval Wednesday on a 30-1 vote, sending it on to the second house of the Legislature. The building of accessory dwelling units — also known as granny flats or in-law units — is increasingly considered one of the more sensible ways to address California’s housing shortage. And while this housing type is cheaper and quicker to build than a single-family home, the excessive fees and regulatory hurdles associated with… Read More


Question: When not renewing a one-year lease, do I have to give the tenants a reason for not extending their lease? Answer: California law does not require landlords to give their tenants a reason why they are not renewing the lease, unless the property is situated in a “just cause” rent controlled jurisdiction. Question: How can you enforce the pool rules where someone continuously leaves underage children in the pool area? Answer: This is a safety issue and you should be able to address it. However, it needs to be handled carefully in order to avoid potential claims of discrimination… Read More