In October, Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 60, which provides for the issuance of drivers licenses to undocumented individuals and specifically prohibits discrimination against an individual because he or she holds or presents a license issued under the new law. Existing California law (Civil Code Section 1940.3) prohibits rental property owners and their agents from making inquiries about a tenant or applicant’s immigration and/or citizenship status.  These laws raise some questions about appropriate screening practices for undocumented applicants. When are the new licenses going to be available? AB 60 set a deadline of Jan. 1, 2015, however, the California Department… Read More


CAA invites multifamily housing owners, managers, tenants to Bedbugs 101 panel discussion Now that Halloween is over, let’s face it. Vampires aren’t that scary. More frightful fangs can be found in many California apartments. They belong to the elusive bedbug, an insect that makes countless tenants’ and landlords’ skin crawl.    While these wingless parasites do feed on blood at night, they’re a far cry from the immortal undead. Property owners, managers and residents can beat this bug — if they work together. To that end, the California Apartment Association will host a panel discussion called Bedbugs 101, from 3 p.m.… Read More

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Question: What are we allowed, by law, to charge a tenant as a security deposit? Answer: You are allowed to charge up to twice the amount of the monthly rent as a security deposit, so if the rent is $1,000, you can charge up to $2,000 for your deposit. If the property is furnished, you can charge three times the amount of the rent. Question: We have added a number of clauses to our Rules & Regulations Addendum and wish to have our tenants sign the new form, as well as signing the CAA addendum about mold. Answer: If you… Read More


The city of Lafayette on Monday banned smoking in multifamily housing but grandfathered in current residents who light up, reported. Applying the regulations only to new tenants distinguishes Lafayette’s law from many other smoking bans in California. One councilman said it strikes a balance between individual rights and public health.  Monday’s 5-0 vote also broadens Lafayette’s current anti-smoking law by prohibiting the activity in most public places. Read the Patch story for more details. Related article: Lafayette considers smoking ban in apartments, public places outdoors (Contra Costa Times)  Past articles: UPDATE: Walnut Creek adds webpage to comply with smoking… Read More


A Fremont apartment community has recently become the target of a Fair Housing discrimination suit. The Department of Justice alleges that the owner/managers of a 37-unit apartment building discriminated against children with restrictive rules regarding use of grassy areas on the property.

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SACRAMENTO — A Tokyo-based housing company sent eight representatives to Sacramento on Monday, Oct. 21, for a crash course in California’s multifamily housing business. Working through an interpreter, the delegation from Mitsui Fudosan Housing Co. asked questions – and got plenty of answers – from California Apartment Association senior staff. Tom Bannon, chief executive officer of CAA, discussed the services that CAA provides to its members while providing an overview of the rental housing market in the Golden State. Bannon also discussed the importance of the association’s public affairs work. “The association constantly is working with state legislators as well… Read More


SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Mike Gatto joined the California Apartment Association for dinner Wednesday, Oct. 23, before making a presentation on his political philosophy, the 2013 legislative session and what to expect next year. Gatto, D-Burbank, spoke for about a half-hour during the dinner, held at Mulvaney’s B&L in Midtown on the eve of the CAA Board of Directors Meeting. An apartment owner himself in Southern California, Gatto shared one litmus test he uses to evaluate legislation. “If there’s ever a bill that really, really hurts one person, chances are it’s not a good piece of legislation,” he said. Gatto also… Read More

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Question: I have a tenant who caused a fire in an apartment which resulted in a substantial amount of damage. The fire department concluded the tenant was at fault. Can he be liable for my deductible? And, can I take it out of his deposit? Answer: Yes, in fact he is responsible for all losses suffered (your insurance company may want to pursue him). Question: I have renters who recently informed me that they are moving. The lease does not end for another six months. Now what happens? Answer: The tenants are liable for the rent up to the date… Read More


CAA Fresno’s 2013 Mark of Distinction Awards will do more than honor peers in the multifamily housing business. It will give back to the community. At the 16th annual event, HD Supply Multifamily Solutions will donate $2,500 to the Central Valley Veterans organization, which helps local veterans with everything from housing to employment to education. At a glance The Mark of Distinction Awards, set for Saturday, Nov. 9, at the Radisson Hotel in Downtown Fresno, has secured more than 30 sponsors so far. The following 14, however, deserve special mention for their generosity: Crime Scene & Fatality Decontamination, $2,000 (Ruby)… Read More

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NEWPORT BEACH — More than 330 people packed the Radisson Newport Beach  Thursday, Oct. 17, for a CAA South Coast Lunch Club workshop about how The Disney Company® consistently exceeds customers’ expectations. In a 90-minute presentation titled ”Disney’s Approach to Quality Service,” Bruce Kimbrell of Disney Institute shared the company’s time-tested best practices and how they can translate to virtually any business  – including multifamily housing. Industry partners TONUSA, and United Paving sponsored the event, where 23 property management companies were represented. “We are always looking to add value for our members,” said Tommy Thompson, executive director of the… Read More

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