Tenant activists file signatures for rent control measure in Santa Cruz


Rent control activists in the city of Santa Cruz filed signatures in hopes of qualifying a rent control measure for the November ballot.

The Movement for Housing Justice submitted over 10,000 signatures, significantly more than the 5,600 required to qualify the measure.

The Santa Cruz County Registrar of Voters will now count and check the validity of the signatures, a process that the California Apartment Association will monitor closely.

The Santa Cruz initiative would create a rent control board, cap rents based on the Consumer Price Index, and impose “just cause” eviction policies.

In February, the Santa Cruz City Council imposed an interim rent control and just-cause eviction policies that are expected to remain in effect until the November election.

In the coming months, CAA and its allies will work to defeat the rent control initiative.

Over the past few years, CAA has successfully fought rent control ballot measures in five Northern California cities: Santa Rosa, Pacifica, Burlingame, Alameda and San Mateo. Voters, however, approved rent control in two cities: Richmond and Mountain View.


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