Section 8 bill passes first committee in Assembly


An Assembly committee has approved a bill that would make it discriminatory to deny applicants for rental housing simply because they have a Section 8 voucher.

The bill, SB 329 by Sen. Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Tuesday on a 7-3 vote with two abstentions. 

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  • I’m not completely sure why landlords are panicking over this one. Scenario; If you’re renting a unit for $1,000 per month, and your income requirements are set at 3x’s the rent, the Applicant would have to qualify for $3,000. Any payment by Section 8 (even 100%) would only amount to $1,000 to add to the Applicant’s income. And if the applicant earns $2,000 per month, then they most likely Do Not Qualify for Section 8. Am I missing something with this potential law?

  • Smart Lady. That’s a great observation. But then our legislators will make it unlawful to check peoples income.