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In addition to providing the latest insurance news and education, CAA offers its members CAA Value Insurance, a full service, all lines insurance brokerage agency focused on property and casualty business. With dedicated and experienced licensed brokers, CAA Value Insurance has expertise in establishing and developing insurance program portfolios on a local, state and national level.


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Acting as a landlord in California can be a risky business. Landlords can face claims of wrongful eviction, discrimination, and personal injury occurring at the property, not to mention costs…

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California’s rental housing owners face unprecedented insurance challenges The insurance market in California is experiencing significant shifts, creating challenges for rental housing owners. These changes include reduced availability of insurance…

With a pandemic, a recession, riots, and wildfires, it’s safe to chalk up 2020 as a horrible year for just about everyone.   Landlords certainly had it tough. Unpaid rents, rising vacancies, and unreasonable eviction restrictions made operations…