The state’s 2013 legislative session ends Friday with several CAA-supported bills already signed by the governor, on deck for last-minute passage by lawmakers or set aside for legislative consideration in 2014. Some of these California Apartment Association-supported bills and where they stand: Signed by Gov. Jerry Brown SB 196 (R-Cannella) – Gas Rates Disclosure – Apartment Buildings – SB 196 allows an apartment owner who has gas or electric submeters beyond the master meter to post a website address where the tenants can access the utility corporation’s rates.  Current law requires the property owner to post a copy of the… Read More


Researchers from the University of Southern California are seeking information from Los Angeles-area landlords on the effects of thirdhand cigarette smoke — including smell, residue and related management issues. While secondhand smoke has been researched extensively, scientists are still studying the effects of residual cigarette smoke particles and chemicals found in air, dust and surfaces — also known as thirdhand smoke. To fill this research gap, the state of California is funding a study led by Dr. Jonathan Samet and Dr. Heather Wipfli at USC. The team is focusing on indoor areas and enclosed spaces, including rental properties, in the… Read More

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With discrimination complaints, undercover investigations and penalties on the rise, it is imperative to abide by federal, state and local  laws regarding fair housing. The California Apartment Association’s webinar, “Fair Housing – It’s the Law,” gives you the knowledge you need to follow the rules. Learn about the property manager’s role in fair housing, the law as it applies to children and families, accommodating the disabled, policies and procedures, and proper leasing  and rental procedures. Like previous courses in CAA’s summer webinar series, the class will be presented in two 90-minute segments. The first half will be webcast at 1:30… Read More


Few things rile up a renter like a security deposit dispute. A single misstep could leave a landlord blindsided by allegations of wrongdoing. Don’t let ignorance of the law land you in court. The California Apartment Association’s four-part webinar series this fall starts with “Security Deposits: Collection & Return.” Other webinars will cover companion animals, insurance policies and new laws affecting California rental property owners.  The security deposits webinar, scheduled for 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19, provides an overview of the following: Legal limits on amount and type of deposit Using the deposit during the tenancy The… Read More


The Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley presents its 16th annual educational conference and trade show Thursday, Sept. 19, at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds in Sacramento. More than 1,000 industry professionals will have fun while learning, thanks to the “Game On!” theme incorporated into exhibits and programs. Industry professionals give the annual Rental Housing Expo rave reviews for combining top quality education with great entertainment. Expect the same level of enthusiasm with this year’s “Game On!” theme. Tradeshow exhibits will feature board games, sports, video games, casino gaming, and TV game shows. Training is available for every employee, from leasing… Read More

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Question: After a 60-day notice expires, can I change the locks and have the resident’s belongings removed? Answer: No, you must go through the eviction process if they did not comply with the 60-day notice. In any case, before you act, you should consult with an attorney. Question: If a tenant does not give a 30-day notice of intent to vacate, can the full security deposit be kept by the landlord? Answer: You can only deduct for any unpaid rent up to 30 days from the date the tenant vacated if the tenancy is month-to-month or until the premises are… Read More


Question: We served a 60-day notice of termination of tenancy on a renter. We have not received a rent payment yet, so we served her a three-day notice to pay rent or quit. Do you recommend that we start eviction proceedings now or do we wait until the notice expires? Answer: You should proceed immediately with the eviction; if they do not have enough money to pay you, they may not have enough to move out. Question: A couple moved into our rental unit one month ago. Since they moved in, we have received eight complaints from the neighbors, who… Read More


RIVERSIDE — Mike Soubirous brings a critical focus on jobs – and the small businesses that create them – to his campaign for Riverside City Council. Soubirous possesses a fresh perspective on the need for an efficient city government – one that allows businesses to flourish, creates jobs and supports quality neighborhoods that attract residents and safeguard taxpayer dollars. “Mike Soubirous has a plan to bring economic growth to Riverside that will benefit the local economy,” said Melanie Francis, president of CAA-AAGIE . “Mike understands the role of the City Council is to ensure the infrastructure and resources are in… Read More

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Ever scratch your head and wonder: Where’d the money go? Without a budget, it’s bound to happen. And to succeed in the rental housing business, you can’t be foggy with the numbers. The California Apartment Association will help build your accounting acumen its next webinar, “Budget Development & Implementation.” The course will cover the benefits of a budget, how to develop one, and resources needed. Students will learn about various types of budgets, the difference between operating and capital expenses, and as well as software and templates. Learn how to: Evaluate a general ledger Calculate vacancy-and-rent losses Read a profit-and-loss… Read More