After raising residential sewer rates last week, the city of San Carlos plans to re-evaluate how sewer bills are calculated for apartments. The City Council agreed to consider a new pricing model for multifamily housing after CAA Tri-County voiced objections over the current pricing structure, especially in light of rising rates. The rate is set to climb 67 percent over the next three years. The rate structure, however, does not account for the size of a residential dwelling or the impact on the sewer system. So, bills for single-family homes that house four people will continue to mirror those for… Read More

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Question: Does the acceptance of rent from someone who is not on the lease mean I have accepted him as a tenant? Answer: Accepting a third-party check does not by itself necessarily indicate that you have accepted this person as a tenant. It is a good idea to indicate that this is being received on behalf of the tenant and does not indicate any tenancy relationship between you and the check writer. Question: I am having a bit of a problem with a repeat visitor on my property. He is a young man who knows a lot of the children… Read More


A bill that would have unfairly penalized landlords who make honest mistakes regarding security deposits has died on the Senate floor, thanks largely to opposition from the California Apartment Association. Late Wednesday, Sen. Mark Leno’s SB 603 received 18 no votes, 13 yes votes and eight abstentions. Prior to the roll call, Sen. Roderick Wright, D. Los Angeles, spoke against the legislation, reflecting many of CAA’s reasons for opposition. Although the bill had undergone substantial amendments, SB 603 remained bad for the rental housing industry. The original, more problematic version would have required that landlords pay interest on security deposits,… Read More


San Diego will be the center of the development universe with two high-profile conferences headed this way in the next month. The Urban Land Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, will meet Tuesday through Friday at the Hilton Bayfront hotel, and the Pacific Coast Builders Conference June 5-6 at the San Diego Convention Center. It will be the first time since 1994 that ULI has met here — and officials said the 3,300 attendees registered so far represent the group’s largest gathering for its spring meeting. ULI counts 26,000 members in the United States, 1,700 in Europe and 1,100 in… Read More


Sen. Mark Leno’s SB 603 would no longer require that landlords pay interest on security deposits, but his bill is still bad for the rental housing industry. The interest-on-security-deposits provision came out after CAA’s strong lobbying activities and nearly 800 CAA members wrote opposition letters to lawmakers. Remaining, however, are unfair penalty provisions for landlords who fail to return security deposits as required by law – no matter the rationale. Under SB 603, a small-claims court judge would have to award penalties against the owner if the tenant successfully demonstrates that all or a portion of the deposit should have… Read More


A bill that would require water submeters in all new construction now has amendments allowing landlords and third-party billing companies to collect administrative fees. Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, revised her bill, SB 750, to permit collection of up to $4 in fees to help recover the actual costs of reading submeters and providing billing services for tenants. A lower administrative fee would apply, however, when the water bill is less than $10, according to the amended bill. Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, an administrative fee may be adjusted annually by the landlord commensurate with an increase in the Consumer Price Index.… Read More


Two local elected leaders will discuss the economic outlook of the region during the California Apartment Association’s inaugural Legislative District Leadership Conference for the Greater Inland Empire. The two officials – one representing San Bernardino County and the other the city of Calimesa – will speak next month at a conference hosted by CAA-Apartment Association Greater Inland Empire, or CAA AAGIE. The panelists are Janice Rutherford, a San Bernardino County supervisor and chairwoman of the San Bernardino Associated Governments, and Jim Hyatt, a Calimesa City Councilman and chairman of the Western Riverside Council of Government. Besides addressing the local economy,… Read More

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Los Angeles City Councilman Eric Garcetti will be L.A.’s next mayor after a hotly contested race against former colleague and City Controller Wendy Greuel. Running an extremely effective grass-roots campaign, Garcetti distinguished himself as an independent candidate who’ll address the city’s lingering fiscal crisis and get people back to work. “Through a combination of direct contributions and independent expenditures, CAA LA engaged in a strategic plan that supported winning candidates in the city of Los Angeles general election,” said Chris Scroggin, vice president of operations at Prime Group and chairman of the California Apartment Association LA’s Political Action Committee. “We… Read More

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A week after it appeared Andy Vidak had captured the state Senate’s 16th District seat, the Republican from Hanford is heading for a runoff election against Democrat Leticia Perez of Bakersfield. Perez conceded last week when Vidak had about 52 percent of votes tallied. Area news media reported Vidak the clear-cut winner. But after more counting, Vidak has just 49.9 percent of the vote. To win this five-candidate race, he needed more than 50 percent. Perez, with 43.9 percent of the vote, will face Vidak again during a July 23 runoff to determine which candidate will replace Michael Rubio.

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In a first for California, construction of multifamily housing units last year exceeded that of single-family homes. Local jurisdictions reported 23,801 multifamily housing units built in 2012, compared with 20,883 for the single-family variety, according to a news release from the state Department of Finance. The state grew last year by 0.8 percent, bringing California’s population to nearly 38 million. Each of California’s 10 biggest cities saw a population bump, with San Jose growing at the fastest clip — 1.5 percent. Related coverage CA population grows to 37.9 million (San Francisco Chronicle) California’s population nears 38 million (Pasadena Star-News) California… Read More