L.A. pursues mandate that landlords consider Section 8 tenants


The Los Angeles City Council this week voted to draft an ordinance requiring landlords to consider prospective tenants with Section 8 vouchers.  

If ultimately approved, the ordinance could take effect as early as Jan. 1 of next year.  Several other California jurisdictions have passed similar laws, including the city of San Diego, San Francisco, and Marin County, , and Long Beach is now considering such an ordinance.

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  • We’ve had horror stories using section 8 vouchers. There are too many loopholes and opportunities for renters to take advantage of section 8 vouchers and placed all the burden on the property owner to collect their rent When problems arise. Section 8 vouchers should be an “option” only and never a “right” As the enforcement of a section 8 voucher will clearly increase rents and deposits to cover all of the delays and government nonsense that occurs with using section 8 vouchers.

  • California Civil Code section 1954.535 requires an owner to provide a 90 day notice to a tenant of a termination or failure to renew a government contract. This statute needs to change to state law terms of 30 / 60 days – treat these folks like any other.
    When landlords wish to terminate a tenancy without cause, but because the tenant has created issues the housing worker fails to help you address : IE: letting others move in, created nuisance, rogue guests, what appears to be drug dealing, or are simply dirty and seriously damaging the property, etc. there needs to be a safe non-confrontational option.
    I quit section 8 when 1) the worker did not support my notices that said the tenants had repeated incidents of nuisance guests, but instead suggested they contact a housing lawyer!!! 2) tenants who were filthy and ruined the premises were allowed to keep their voucher and move to another property they badly damaged ( figured this out when I bought another property and inherited the bad tenant from that seller ! ) 3) I offered I would consider tenants that make a minimum of 50% of the family payment towards the total rent and they told me that was discrimination – ??
    MUCH of the reason people do not take section 8 is that the federal rules do not jive with state law – and the workers we used to deal with were so anti-landlord. Without a good partnership with the housing authority – no section 8 for us.