The state’s 2013 legislative session ends Friday with several CAA-supported bills already signed by the governor, on deck for last-minute passage by lawmakers or set aside for legislative consideration in 2014.

Some of these California Apartment Association-supported bills and where they stand:

Signed by Gov. Jerry Brown

  • SB 196 (R-Cannella) – Gas Rates Disclosure – Apartment Buildings – SB 196 allows an apartment owner who has gas or electric submeters beyond the master meter to post a website address where the tenants can access the utility corporation’s rates.  Current law requires the property owner to post a copy of the rates in a conspicuous place at the property.
  • SB 612 (D-Leno) – Human Trafficking – SB 612 allows victims of human trafficking to terminate residential leases, a protection now available for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and elder or dependent adult abuse. SB 612 also expands the type of documentation allowed for proof of the abuse; a doctor and other medical experts, as defined, may provide proof that the individual was a victim of the abuse. CAA’s requested amendments were accepted by the author to clarify the type of documentation required. The bill includes a sunset date of Jan. 1, 2016, for those provisions relating to the doctor’s note.
  • SB 751 (Yee) – Meetings: Publications of Action Taken – Requires local agencies to publicly report any action taken and the vote or abstention of each member of a legislative body. This bill would achieve greater public transparency from local public boards, commissions, and other local regulatory agencies by requiring that they record and publish the votes of their individual members.

Awaiting legislative approval

  • SB 254 (D-Hancock) – Mattresses: Illegal Dumping – This bill intends to reduce illegal dumping of used mattresses. It will require manufacturers of mattresses sold in this state to develop, finance, and implement a convenient and cost effective program to collect and recycle used mattresses.  Requires two-thirds vote. Assembly Floor. 

Two-year bills coming back next year

  • AB 22 (D-Blumenfield) – Sidewalk Repairs – AB 22 provides that if a city, county, or city and county has an ordinance in effect that requires the city, county, or city and county to repair or reconstruct streets, sidewalks, or driveways that have been damaged as a result of tree growth, then the city, county, or city and county can only repeal that ordinance with a vote of the local citizens. 
  • SB 391  (D-DeSaulnier) – Affordable Housing – Proposes a $75 fee on the recordation of some real-estate documents in order to permanently fund the development, acquisition, rehabilitation, and preservation of homes affordable to low- and moderate-income households, including emergency shelters, transitional and permanent rental housing, foreclosure mitigation, and homeownership opportunities. The $75 fee does not apply to the recording of documents connected with the transfer of real property. Requires 2/3 Vote. The bill is identical to last year’s SB 1220.