Affordable housing advocates have joined a growing list of opponents to a measure that would overturn the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.

The California Council for Affordable Housing and the California Housing Consortium are now part of a growing list of opponents to Proposition 10, the ballot measure going before voters in November that would repeal Costa-Hawkins and return extreme forms of rent control to California.

If voters approve Prop 10 and overturn Costa-Hawkins, cities will be authorized to apply rent control to single-family homes and new multifamily housing. They’ll also be able to make rent caps permanent, even after changes in tenancy. This would create a major disincentive for the construction of rental housing, exacerbating the ongoing  shortage of housing for  low- and middle-income Californians.

“Proposition 10 could actually have the unintended consequence of hurting the many Californians who need affordable housing by limiting the supply and production of the very types of homes needed,” Ray Pearl, executive director of the California Housing Consortium, said in a news release from the No on Prop 10 campaign.

Pat Sabelhaus, executive director of the California Council for Affordable Housing, said in the news release that Californians would be better served by approving Proposition 1, a $4 billion bond measure that would boost the production of affordable housing.

Affordable housing organizations are part of the growing coalition of civil justice, labor, business and veterans organizations opposed to Proposition 10. Opposition to the measure includes the California Chamber of Commerce, NAACP CA and the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California.

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