Over the past 12 months, the state’s ongoing housing shortage defined many of the issues facing California’s rental property owners and managers. The housing crunch drove debates at city halls, fueled signature-gathering efforts on rent control, and propelled a mix of positive and negative legislation at the Capitol. Combine the housing shortage with November’s historic election, and 2016 may be the most consequential year in recent memory for the rental housing industry. In the paragraphs that follow we briefly recap the top 15 industry news stories from 2016. To delve deeper into the issues and explore related content, follow the links embedded below.

CAA’s housing production bills win passage

All four of the California Apartment Association’s housing-supply bills won the governor’s signature. In response to California’s housing shortage, CAA sponsored the slate of bills to encourage the development of new housing and remove local obstacles to construction. Among other things, the bills will make it easier to add accessory dwelling units, or granny flats, and enable organizations such as CAA to take legal action to enforce the Housing Accountability Act.

Forum seeks solutions to housing crisis, yields key findings

Photo by Bob Knapik
Attendees listen during a panel discussion at the California Housing Forum in September.

The California Apartment Association in late September brought together members from all sides of the housing debate to seek solutions to California’s ongoing housing crisis. Participants at the …

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