Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has announced his opposition to a local ballot measure proposed by tenant advocates that would establish rent control, “just cause” eviction restrictions, an elected rent board, and a new annual fee on rental properties in the city of Sacramento.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg

At the same time, the mayor said he will draft his own ordinance for City Council approval that the California Apartment Association fears will include the same elements as the ballot initiative with only minor modifications. The ordinance could be presented to the City Council as soon as Tuesday, June 19.

“CAA applauds the mayor for publicly stating his opposition to the ballot measure that he rightfully concludes ‘would harm our ability to build more affordable housing,’” said Jim Lofgren, senior vice president of CAA Sacramento Valley.

Lofgren, however, warned that CAA would oppose Steinberg’s ordinance if it’s just a watered-down version of the ballot measure. He urged CAA members to call and write the mayor and City Council members to voice their opposition any rent control ordinance.

Steinberg’s push for a City Council-approved ordinance comes as tenant advocates scramble to collect enough signatures before the end of June to qualify a rent control measure for the November 2018 election.

CAA joined the Sacramento Association of REALTORS, Region Business, and other local housing and business groups to form Citizens for Affordable Housing. This campaign organization opposes the rent control ballot measure and supports efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing.

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