RHA of Sacramento Valley chapter merges with CAA


The Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley, a regional organization serving single-family and multi-family rental owners and managers, has announced its merger with the statewide California Apartment Association.

Jim Lofgren

Following the merger, RHA was renamed CAA Sacramento Valley, becoming one of several local divisions operating throughout the state. RHA had been affiliated with CAA as an independent chapter since 1951.

CAA is the nation’s largest statewide association serving the rental housing industry. Its membership includes over 13,000 single-family and multi-family property owners and managers, as well as businesses providing products and services for the industry.

The CAA Sacramento Valley division serves more than 1,000 members owning or managing over 75,000 rental units within its eight-county service territory.

“Merging with CAA was a smart move for our members,” said Herb Cross, director of property management for Lyon Real Estate and chairman of the local advisory board for CAA Sacramento Valley. “We outsourced duplicative accounting and administrative functions and, in exchange, are able to expand our membership benefits.”

An example of the expanded benefits is the CAA Landlord Helpline. Using their CAA online account, members can submit questions regarding their rental properties to a team of CAA staff attorneys who reply within one business day.

The merger also resulted in personnel changes. Jim Lofgren, who served 20 years as the executive director of RHA, became a senior vice president of CAA. In his new role, Lofgren will return to directing public affairs in the region.

“When I joined the organization in 1997, I was the sole staff member appearing before city councils and local agencies,” Lofgren said. “As the organization grew, I assumed more management responsibilities and did less advocacy. Now I look forward to devoting my full attention to issues like the shortage of affordable housing and growing threat of rent control.”

Lofgren said one of his first tasks will be to inform local government officials of the name change.

“Our name may have change, but we continue to serve the entire industry,” he said. “Our membership ranges from independent rental owners who own only one property to corporate members with a portfolio of thousands of apartment units.”

CAA Sacramento Valley will operate from the same office as its predecessor, located at 191 Lathrop Way, Suite A, Sacramento. The phone number remains (916) 920-1120. The website, however, is now www.caanet.org. For information specific to Sacramento Valley, bookmark www.caanet.org/local/sacramento-valley.

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