In 2019, the California Apartment Association will continue to address a wide range of local rental housing issues in the Sacramento Valley.

Here are four of the most consequential issues to watch:

Rent control ballot measure

In the city of Sacramento, an initiative that would implement rent control and strict tenancy-termination restrictions qualified to appear on the ballot sometime in 2020. The next step is for the City Council to decide which ballot will include the measure, with options likely coming down to the March primary or November’s general election. Before acting, the council will review a pending legal opinion from the city attorney over concerns the initiative wording may have legal flaws. Meanwhile, CAA has formed Citizens for Affordable Housing, a coalition opposing the measure while supporting alternatives, namely increasing housing construction.

Alternative proposal from council

The Sacramento City Council also will consider an ordinance to address the rental housing shortage that has driven up rent in recent years. The Renters Protection and Relief Act, championed by Councilmen Steve Hansen, Eric Guerra and Rick Jennings, would provide tenants with the option of mediation for any rent increases above 6 percent within a one-year period. The program would be funded by a new fee charged to rental owners. In addition, the proposed ordinance would require owners to offer tenants the option of an 18-month lease. CAA has expressed its concerns about the ordinance, which is expected to be heard by the City Council as early as March.

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