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With California court systems cutting back, both tenants and landlords will face more waiting, longer drives, and no matter how you slice it, more hassle. The following two articles – one a story in the Los Angeles Times, the other a column by an attorney at Fast Eviction Service – zero in on the impacts on renters and owners, respectively. Feel free to add your comments, including experiences.


Years ago, the process for an uncontested eviction took about 30 days. Now, that process takes about 45 days. Unfortunately, the process is about to take much longer and initial estimates project a 60 day uncontested eviction. I recently attended the Eviction Hub meeting in downtown Los Angeles given by the presiding judge. The Los Angeles County announced sweeping cuts to counteract a $60 million to $80 million budget shortfall.  We learned that very soon — in fact, possibly beginning late this month — L.A. County will downsize its eviction courts from 25 to a five-court trial-hub system. Basically, it… Read More

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Many of our multifamily apartment communities throughout the state provide for laundry facilities, serving both as an additional amenity for residents and a profit-generator for the owner/operator. While many choose to own and operate their own laundry equipment, others essentially subcontract this service to a vendor focused on this line of business. This article deals with the concerns owners and operators face when dealing with laundry vendors and their proposed contracts. It is not unusual for an owner to acquire an apartment community that comes with a laundry vendor. Sometimes, the vendor doesn’t meet your expectations, or you want to… Read More