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Home to Hollywood, fame and fashion, Los Angeles nurtures a culture of cool. But as the sun beats down on L.A., the city’s countless rooftops also emit oven-like heat. A law taking effect Oct. 1 seeks to change that. Under changes to the Los Angeles Green Building code, new homes in the city — including rentals —  must have so-called “cool roofs.” Los Angeles is the first major city with this requirement. These roofs use materials that reflect sunlight, helping buildings be more than 50 degrees cooler on the surface. During a hot day, the roofing can lower a building’s… Read More

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Every year, California experiences thousands upon thousands of small earthquakes – hundreds each day. Ninety-nine percent are so small we never feel them. Once in a while, though, we get a large tremor — like the 5.1 quake in Orange County this past spring — that reminds us to prepare for the Big One that seismologists keep talking about. When it comes to the rental housing industry, California lawmakers have authorized local governments to establish seismic-retrofit standards for particular types of buildings they consider to be hazardous during an earthquake. These would include certain unreinforced-masonry buildings, specified wood-frame, soft-story, and… Read More

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