Landlords and apartment complex employees who apply pesticides on a rental property must notify their tenants, according to a bill signed into law by the governor.

Since 1984, California law has required specific notification requirements of pest control companies when they apply pesticides at residential properties.

Sen. Ben Hueso
Sen. Ben Hueso

Legislation signed into law by Gov. Brown on Sept. 8 extends those tenant-notice requirements to landlords, their employees and agents when they personally apply pesticides, such as over-the-counter aerosol bug sprays and foggers, at rental properties. The law, SB 328 by Sen. Ben Hueso, D-Logan Heights, takes effect Jan. 1, 2016.

Prior to applying the pesticide, the landlord must tell tenants in writing the pest or pests being targeted, the name or brand of the product being used, and a specific notice like that required of pest control operators. See the blue box below for the required verbiage.

The notice requirements are mandated when owners apply the pesticides inside the units or outside in the common areas of the property. CAA’s Compliance Committee is developing the required forms for owners to use. Watch for updates on the completed forms and detailed instructions about proper compliance with the 2016 law.
Wording of required notice