Membership Benefits

CAA helps our members succeed through a wide range of business tools, from rental forms and tenant screening to legal guidance and industry news.

We fight daily for the rental property industry in the state Capitol, city halls and county courthouses.

Additionally, our government affairs teams fight daily for the rental property industry in the state Capitol, city halls and county courthouses.

Whether you manage thousands of rental units or a rent out a single family home as a retirement investment, we are your partner. The state’s most successful property management firms, independent rental owners and vendor partners belong to our association, and so should you.

CAA Value Insurance Plan

Take advantage of lower insurance rates offered exclusively to CAA members. You have access to a wide range of commercial and personal insurance products, including lower costs for property and casualty coverage and workers’ compensation programs from multiple insurance carriers.

Rental Forms

Only the California Apartment Association provides more than 120 rental forms and corresponding instruction sheets to complete any rental business transaction. All members can download these forms from the CAA website and print them free of charge; Premium and Premium+ members are also able to fill out forms online.

Previews of all of CAA’s forms are available. 

Only CAA provides more than 120 rental forms and instruction sheets for virtually any rental business transaction.

In addition to our entire library of forms, our online subscription gathers our most popular rental documents in one place, so they’re always easy to find. Our online service saves time and adds convenience for both you and your tenants.

Interested in Online Forms – so you only add a client once, and their name is added to all the necessary documentation?

Check out our Online Forms >>

Member Discounted Tenant Screening

It is important to have reliable information about a prospective tenant’s rental and credit history. CAA provides discounted tenant screening through authorized providers.

Landlord Helpline

The Helpline service provides Premium+ Member access to CAA’s advisers who answer landlord-tenant-related questions in a timely fashion, usually within one business day.

Property Management Education

When you complete CAA’s Property Management Series, you’ll qualify for a California Certified Residential Manager (CCRM) certificate. Our classes prepare you to effectively manage rental property and be an asset to any employer. Take them in person or online.

Check out CAA University for Online/ On-demand rental housing education covering topics highly important to the industry.

Legal information

Our website contains information that helps you stay informed and in compliance with California rental housing laws.  Use our knowledge base to search for the latest forms, Industry Insights and Frequently Asked Questions.

Promote CAA to your Customers

CAA is a strong advocate for Property Owners, Managers and Tenants. We are the only organization in the Multi-Family housing industry with a Code of Ethics  that our members sign up for and a  Resident Bill of Rights.

Membership Marketing Information

As a member of CAA you are given the ability to promote your membership to your tenants or customers.  Our logos and images can be used on your marketing materials and website to promote the ideals we all share in the industry.



Books, Posters & other Resources

Use our website to order books, signs, posters and forms specifically designed for California’s rental housing industry.

CAA E-News

Each week, CAA’s electronic newsletter provides members with rental housing news from the Capitol and around the state. Open CAA News for updates on apartment-related legislation, legal issues and trends in the multifamily housing industry.

New! Industry Directory

CAA’s Newly Launched Industry Directory is a optimal resource for all rental housing professionals. With the ability to search listings by location, business categories, access direct contact data within business listings, and access discounts for CAA members!

Industry Directory >>

CAA Website Navigation Videos

Most of your information from CAA will come from our website, www.CAANET.ORG.  Our site is easy to use, and the easiest way to access your CAA benefits.  To make your job even easier, CAA has created a collection of easy to follow Website Navigation Videos to help you navigate our website.  Learn how to pay an invoice online, submit a question to the helpline, use our knowledge base to find articles on a specific topic, review your purchase history and much more!

CAA Magazine (past issues)

Note: The winter 2016 magazine was the final edition for California Apartment Management. Access past editions here.