AB1482 QUESTIONS: CAA staff is currently working on compliance documents for the new rent cap and just cause law.  Please review all the materials, including the FAQ and rent increase CPI calculator on CAA’s AB 1482 Compliance PAGE, before submitting any questions about AB 1482.

CAA has an AB 1482 WEBINAR available now on demand.  CAA’s new compliance forms will be available November 1, 2019. We will be able to more readily answer your questions in the coming weeks, once all of our compliance documents are complete.

The California Apartment Association’s Helpline service provides explanation of laws, regulations, court cases, and administrative policies affecting California landlords and tenants.

The Helpline service provides CAA Helpline Members access to CAA’s advisers who answer landlord-tenant-related questions in a timely fashion, usually within one business day.

Advisers are available to answer questions for our Helpline Members Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (PST)

The Helpline is exclusively for our CAA Helpline Members and may only be used to assist members with matters related to the properties they own or manage. Interested in adding Helpline to your current membership?
Contact members services at (800) 967-4222.

The Helpline service cannot be extended to third parties. Our advisers cannot give thorough responses based on secondhand information.

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About the CAA Advisers

Our advisers are a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals supporting California rental property owners and managers.

The CAA Helpline is exclusively for CAA Helpline Members and may only be used to assist members with matters related to properties they own or manage.

The Helpline is not a legal service, and Helpline advisers do not provide legal representation or legal advice to members. The Helpline advisers will recommend that you consult with your own legal counsel when appropriate.