For the second straight year, state Sen. Mark Leno has conceded defeat on a bill aimed at weakening the Ellis Act, legislation that protects a landlord’s right to leave the rental housing business.

Sen. Mark Leno
Sen. Mark Leno

Acknowledging the collapse of SB 364 this year, Leno said he’ll take it up again in January, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

More than a month ago, SB 364 failed to advance from the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, where the California Apartment Association mounted fierce opposition.

The bill would undermine a landlord’s right to leave San Francisco’s rental housing business. The proposal would make many rental property owners in San Francisco wait at least five years before removing their units from the market.

SB 364 is modeled after SB 1439, which Leno carried with more success in 2014. That bill passed the Senate but died in an Assembly committee hearing.