The Los Angeles City Council is rushing to finalize expanded housing regulations on the heels of the formal end to the city’s moratorium on Jan. 31, 2023.  

Despite vigorous protest from the California Apartment Association, the city continues to dramatically expand permanent negative housing policies. In addition to recently passing an “eviction control” ordinance that covers all dwelling units in the city, the council is about to finalize two more laws. 

A newly posted CAA webinar on the upcoming rental laws in L.A. looks at some of the political dynamics at play.

Fred Sutton

“Last year, the industry made unprecedented efforts to elect people that understand rental housing issues,” Fred Sutton, CAA’s senior vice president of public affairs, said during the webinar, now available on-demand.  “Unfortunately, in the city of L.A., and the County Board of Supervisors, the makeup has grown more in favor of heavy regulation. In fact, many politicians won running on platforms that included draconian housing policy.”

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