Threats to the rental housing industry continue to mount in California.

As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers, state lawmakers have yet to provide financial relief to either tenants or property owners. Without such assistance, rent is sure to go unpaid for months on end, triggering a wave of foreclosures and the disappearance of much-needed rental homes.

Meanwhile, with record turnout expected in November’s election, candidates unfriendly to the rental housing and apartment business could dominate the state Legislature unchecked, while taking control of city councils and county boards across California, resulting in even more policies that threaten your investments and housing opportunities for Californians.

The Nov. 3 ballot also includes Proposition 21, a statewide ballot measure that would bring back the extreme forms of rent control that proliferated in the 1970s. Should Prop 21 pass, local rent control measures could prohibit units from going to market rates upon turnover, place single-family homes under rent control, and devalue property and the local tax base. 

We can prevent this runaway train from taking away your livelihood and exacerbating California’s housing problem, but it will take resources.

That’s where CAA’s two political action committees come in.

One is CAA’s Political Action Committee (CAAPAC), which is dedicated to electing local and state representatives who understand the vital role that the rental housing and apartment industry plays in California’s economy.

The other is CAA’s Issues Committee, which funds campaigns to defeat onerous rental housing legislation, including local and statewide ballot measures, while supporting policies that are favorable to the rental housing and apartment business.

It’s now easier than ever to support both of these PACs. Make a single contribution to the Rental Housing Survival Fund, and your dollars will be divided evenly between CAAPAC and the Issues Committee.

To learn more about the campaign to oppose Proposition 21, visit