The Culver City Council on Sept. 21 is expected to review a draft of a draconian local rent control ordinance being considered for permanent adoption.

If ultimately approved, the measure would become one of the worst rent control ordinances in California.  The California Apartment Association opposes the upcoming ordinance, which includes onerous policies such as:

  • Pegging allowable rent increases to the Consumer Price Index.
  • Establishing rent registry requirements annually and upon a new tenancy.
  • Removing owner protections in the for-cause provisions provided under AB 1482, the statewide rent cap and just cause legislation that took effect Jan. 1.

While the council weights permanent  rent control policies, the city continues to operate under an interim rent control ordinance that’s been in effect for the past year.

For more information, contact Fred Sutton, CAA’s senior vice president of public affairs for the Los Angeles region, at