Thanks to the California Apartment Association and rental owners, the Chula Vista City Council on Tuesday postponed adoption of an onerous tenant protection ordinance and directed staff to revise the proposal to address CAA’s concerns.

CAA mobilized hundreds of rental housing providers and homeowners to speak against the proposal for San Diego County’s second largest city. Without amendments, the ordinance would make it more difficult for owners to renovate older apartments or move into a unit that has been rented out.

The proposal also sought to expand the definition of harassment and encouraged tenants and their advocates to file frivolous lawsuits.

In response to CAA and concerned residents, Chula Vista council members directed staff to seek public comments on a new draft, perform a cost analysis, and add specific procedures for harassment cases.

The city attorney and the housing department will work with community stakeholders, reevaluate the unlawful extended noticing periods in the proposal and remove any restrictions that could cause unintended consequences.

A new ordinance could return as early as July 12. CAA will work closely with the city to advance amendments that support the needs of rental owners.

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