Rental housing providers and residents can now begin applying for Covid-19-related rental assistance through the State of California.

The program, administered by the California Department of Housing and Community Development, will pay landlords 80% of the past due rent owed by eligible households.

The application process opened at 5 p.m. Monday, March 15, and is accessible through this online portal.

The rental assistance money comes from a pandemic-recovery package approved by Congress late last year. It includes $1.4 billion that went to the state, while $1.2 billion headed to “entitlement districts,” which are local jurisdictions with populations over 200,000.

Applications for the state’s $1.4 billion allotment open today. Some cities and counties have already begun accepting applications for the remaining $1.2 billion.


Where and when you should apply for rental relief largely boils down to the location of your property. In most counties, landlords and tenants should apply through the state’s online portal opening later today. Some counties and cities, however, require that applications be submitted locally. In some cases, landlords and tenants should apply both through the state portal and at the local level. See CAA’s county-by-county list to determine when and where you and your resident should apply.


Both rental housing providers and residents will need to work together to secure the 80% government coverage of rent owed. Make sure you have the materials you need by reviewing the landlord’s checklist and the tenant’s checklist.


If you have more questions about the rental assistance programs and the application process, visit CAA’s California Rental Assistance Payment Program webpage.