The California Apartment Association is gearing up to host two essential webinars that will provide rental housing providers with crucial insights into effective tenant screening and the management of service and support animals in rental properties.

These educational sessions are scheduled for March and April 2024 and are designed to address common challenges and legal complexities faced by landlords in California.

Effective tenant screening strategies

The first of these, “Developing Screening Criteria,” is set for March 13, 2024, at 10 a.m. This webinar will be an invaluable resource for rental housing providers looking to establish lawful and effective screening criteria for prospective tenants. Led by staff attorneys Monica Deka and Whitney Prout, the session will cover topics such as setting appropriate income standards, credit requirements, evaluating rental history, and compliance with fair housing laws.

The second webinar, “Service and Support Animals,” scheduled for April 16, 2024, at 10 a.m., will delve into the legalities surrounding service and support animals in rental settings. This session, featuring Whitney Prout and Mallory Homewood, aims to dispel confusion around this topic and will cover the differences between service animals and support animals, the process for evaluating requests, and guidelines on permissible rules for animal conduct.

Both webinars are part of CAA’s commitment to providing continuous education and resources to its members. They offer practical advice and legal insights to help rental housing providers navigate the complex terrain of property management in California. Each session also qualifies for 1 Unit of CCRM Continuing Education Credit for current CCRM Certified Individuals.

Registration for these webinars is now open, with special rates for CAA members.

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