A bill aimed at eliminating no-pet policies in rental housing will be amended to exempt smaller buildings, following efforts by the California Apartment Association.

Assemblyman Matt Haney

AB 2216 by Assemblyman Matt Haney, D-San Francisco, will soon include a carve-out for buildings with 15 or fewer units so that owners of these smaller buildings won’t be required to accept pets.

While landlords with smaller buildings would be exempted, the bill, if passed, will require owners with larger buildings to allow a tenant to have at least one common household pet.

The property owner will be allowed to require pet owners to carry liability insurance, ensure their pets are licensed and vaccinated, charge a monthly pet rent of $50 for each additional pet, and collect a pet security deposit up to 50% of one month’s rent, not to exceed $1,000.”  By defining “common household pets,” the bill aims to address concerns about unusual or exotic animals.

This morning, AB 2216 won passage on the Assembly floor on a 43-8 vote. The amendments will soon be integrated in the state Senate.

Amendments to AB 2216

Aspect Original bill With amendments
Pet Bans The bill prohibited landlords from asking prospective tenants about pets and from denying pets without reasonable justification. Exempts buildings with 15 or fewer units from the requirement to accept pets.
Pet Rent Prohibited landlords from charging any separate or additional rent for pets. No pet rent for the first pet; landlords can charge $50 per month for each additional pet.
Pet Deposit Did not allow landlords to charge a pet-specific security deposit. Landlords can collect a pet deposit that is 50% of one month’s rent, capped at $1,000.
Restricted Species Focused on “common household pets” to prevent unusual or exotic pets but did not specify restricted species. Tenants cannot have any restricted species and landlords can limit the number of pets.
Liability Insurance No requirements for liability insurance were mentioned. Landlords can require proof of liability insurance and add themselves as an additional insured before moving the pet into the unit.
Implementation Date Was to become operative on Jan. 1, 2025. Delayed implementation until April 1, 2025.
Use of Pet Deposits Original bill did not specify uses for pet deposits. Allows landlords to use pet deposits specifically for professional carpet cleaning.
Property Rules for Pets Allowed landlords to impose “reasonable conditions” on pets but did not detail what those could be. Landlords can set specific standards and rules for pets, including leash rules, cleanup policies, licensing, vaccinations, and requirements for spaying/neutering.
Limit on Number of Pets No explicit limit was mentioned in the original bill. Landlords can limit the number of pets to one.
Impact on Existing Leases Provisions were not to apply to agreements entered before Jan. 1, 2025. Clarifies that the bill does not impact already existing leases or the renewal of leases.