The California Apartment Association this week called on members of the rental housing industry to contact state lawmakers and express their concerns about a potential extension of the state’s COVID-19 eviction moratorium.  

The state’s COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act, passed as Senate Bill 91, is set to expire at the end of June. Tenant groups and lawmakers are pushing to extend the law through year’s end. 

They’re also demanding amendments to SB 91 that would embolden unscrupulous tenants to withhold rent even when they can afford to pay. 

The state Legislature could vote on extending SB 91 any time before June 15.  

“Legislators need to know how an extended eviction moratorium would affect you and exacerbate the struggles you’ve experienced over the past year.” 

“We know many property owners are struggling. Even with federal/state money available to cover back rent, many tenants have refused to cooperate in the application process or don’t qualify for any assistance,” CAA says in an email urging housing providers to contact lawmakers. “Moreover, the application process is challenging and often results in incomplete payments. 

CAA asked housing providers to write about the following when contacting legislators:  

  • Whether their tenants are — or are not — cooperating in applying for funding. 
  • If they have applied for funding but are still awaiting payment 
  • If their tenants have left owing them money. 
  • If they suspect their tenants don’t qualify and are still claiming a COVID hardship. 
  • Any other specific information about their challenges over the past year. 

To participate in the letter-writing campaign, click here.